Mars Needs Mom failure kills Zemeckis’ Yellow Submarine remake

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If you’ve ever seen the 1968 movie Yellow Submarine, you know it’s a psychedelic animated film starring the Beatles, who battle the invading Blue Meanies with their music. And if you were looking forward to a modern update brought to you by Robert Zemeckis—director of Back to the Future, Contact and Beowulf—well, we have bad news for you. Disney has scuttled the ship.

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Erth Station One Episode 11 – We all live in a Yellow Submarine

Erth Station One Episode 11 - We All Live in A Yellow Submarine
In spite of a ton of technical issues we are proud to bring you Erth Station One Episode 11. This week Mike, Judy and Dan are joined by William to discuss the newest episode of Doctor Who – Vincent and the Doctor. And then we briefly discuss the 1968 animated Beatles movie “Yellow Submarine” Join us there’s always fun and discussion involved and you never know what might come up. Feedback is always welcome at

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