Transmissions From Atlantis 61 – Mid-Season Finale Madness

We have a special Transmissions From Atlantis as NY Times Best Selling Author Debbie Viguie and Doctor Geek himself, Scott Viguie join us for this amazing episode!

This week we give you our thoughts on Gal Gadot being named as Wonder Woman, Disney buying the rights to future Indiana Jones movies as well as the mid-season finales of the Walking Dead, Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow.

We tell you what we hated about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary’s The Day of the Doctor plus what we think about the announcements of a complete series 8 and Matt’s Doctor being the 13th and last Doctor.

The lineup and links after the jump!

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Earth Station One Episode 192 – You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman

Earth Station One Ep 192This week, the ESO crew turns their attention to the last (but certainly not least) of the DC Trinity Wonder Woman. For 72 years, the Amazon Princess has been the leading lady of the superhero genre and soon she will be featured on the big screen for the first time. Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, the lost Legionnaire Darren Nowell, and the wonderful but perilous Valerie Perez share their thoughts of the character’s past, present, and future. Valerie also finds herself bound by something ever more revealing than the Lasso of Truth, the Geek Seat! In the Khan Report, Bobby and Mike rave about their experience at Farragut Fest 2013 and Rob Levy reports on this year’s Chicago TARDIS. Plus, the usual Rants, Raves, and Shout Outs!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman
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Next on Earth Station One…

ESO looks at Wonder Woman on the next ESOESO heads to Paradise Island. For 73 years, Wonder Woman has fought against the forces of evil in comic books, newspaper strips, novels, animation, TV movies and series, and soon to make her big screen debut. Next week, ESO takes a look at the history of Wonder Woman from her comic book beginnings to her current incarnations. We’ll also discuss the characters and what we’d like to see in her future. Plus, we’ll serve up healthy portions of Rants and Raves, Khan Reports, Geek Seats, Shout Outs, and more. Join us for another magical episode of the Earth Station One podcast.

Are you a Wonder Woman fan? Then ESO wants to hear from you. Let us know why Wonder Woman is special to you, your favorite incarnations of the character, and your thoughts on Diana’s future at,, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Who knows, we might just share yours on the show.

Ratchet Retrocast Episode 14 – There is no RetroCast, Only Pool

Ratchet Retrocast Ep 14Welcome to the Ratchet Poolcast! Travelling back in time to July, we follow Ratchet’s long-standing conspiracy about the pool episode in ’80s-everything. We are joined by Talloolah Love, the burlesque performer responsible for Pin-ups by the Pool and the Glamour Geek Revue coming to you this Dragon Con, and an enthusiast for all things retro. We discuss more than 20 cartoons and live action shows that feature girls in bikinis or boys in trunks airing in and around the 1980s. CD rediscovers Gummi Bears and finds the ThunderCats nudes, Q mimics the voice of Seaspray (the aquatic Transformer), Ratchet almost had another date with someone famous, and Talloolah prefers Marianne to Ginger. In Achievement Unlocked we chat about buzz Alden’s right hook, LotR, and Wonder Woman. Our Steampunk Quarter Hour features Gabriel Colbaugh of the Las Vegas Steampunk Tea Society!

The enthusiasm of this poolcast is brought to you be the adult beverage industry.
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Howdy Mike’s Cover Raves – DC Comics Presents #32

by Mike Gordon

This week, DC revealed (via Entertainment Weekly) that Superman’s new “leading lady” will be none other than his Justice League teammate, Wonder Woman. This caused a bit of a buzz online and offline. The news reminded me of one of my favorite DC Comics Presents covers. This monthly comic series was one of my favorites along with Brave & the Bold and Marvel Team-Up with fun mostly single issue stories that introduced me to cool characters through both superhero universes. I know both companies have attempted to bring these titles back for modern readers, but have not had much success. At least the originals are not difficult to find in back issue bins!

I’ve been raving about comic book covers almost as long as I’ve been collecting them (which is a long time). However, only recently did I start blogging about them! All the covers I write about are scanned from my collection. I’m happy to share my raves with y’all at ESO. If you’d like to see some of my past entries, visit my Step Up to the Mike blog.

Justice League: Doom. A Rant.

After watching the new DC animated feature, Justice League: Doom, I find myself bursting with nerd rage. I should make this clear up front that this isn’t going to be a fair and balanced review. This is an outlet for me to express my malcontent. If I step back, turn my brain off and forget all that has come before, Justice League: Doom isn’t that bad…but I can’t turn this pesky brain off!

Spoilers ahead

Doom is a cross between the Mark Waid story Tower of Babel and a generic Legion of Doom tale—as anyone who wants to see this film so close to it’s release date probably already knows. DC has been on a tear of adapting comic runs to animated features lately. I’m not a fan. I would much prefer original stories to rehashing the archives, but they didn’t ask me. Over all, their previous ventures stayed pretty true to the source material. Doom not so much. I’d argue each deviation from the Tower of Babel is a mark against the movie. In fact, I will argue it.

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So who’s the latest star angling to be a big-screen Wonder Woman?

Finally do we have our Wonder Woman for the big screen?By Matthew Jackson, Source:

For more than a few actresses, Wonder Woman is a dream role, so it’s no surprise that the list of ladies lining up to play her keeps getting longer. Now another star is adding her name to that hypothetical casting sheet, and she’s already got some serious ass-kicking credentials.

Gina Carano is best known as a mixed martial artist, but this week she’s making her big-screen debut as the star of Steven Soderbergh’s action flick Haywire. That flick isn’t released until tomorrow, but a few people who’ve already seen Carano action it up in the flick have started dropping Wonder Woman hints. And now Carano herself seems to be up for it. Continue reading

Erica Durance gets to be David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman after all

Oh WOW, it's Wonder WomanBy Matthew Jackson, Source:

David E. Kelley wanted to make a Wonder Woman TV show, and failed. Smallville fans wanted Erica Durance to play Wonder Woman, but couldn’t make it happen. Now, both parties are getting their wish … kind of.

Durance will return to American TV (she’s got a Canadian medical drama now) to guest star in an upcoming episode of Kelley’s legal series Harry’s Law, starring Kathy Bates as tough as nails attorney Harriet “Harry” Korn. Durance, who played Lois Lane for seven years on Smallville, will play “a psychologically infirm woman who retreats into the persona of the DC Comics heroine to help wreak revenge on perpetrators of domestic abuse.” Continue reading

The DCU, Old and New. Part 3 of 3

By Doctor Q, Source:

We’ve looked at the past of the DCU and we’ve seen the road map planned for the Relaunch and how it has been perceived.  Now we look to the future of the DCU, and the manner and method this relaunch has taken. It turns out the heritage of the characters was something the creative teams on the various books have certainly honored, as well as the scope, which is truly massive.

The New 52 spans across the whole universe. With titles like The New Guardians and the various Green Lantern books taking you across the reaches of space, to the earth-bound tales of the heroes and villains of the world we live in. What excited me the most is than MANY of the books depart from superheroes. The New 52 has honored the long standing 75-year legacy of their heritage with supernatural, war, science-fiction, and western comics coming back on the stands.

The New 52 books span throughout not only space but time, as the books tell stories from the New 52’s past, present, and future. Books such as Demon Knights tell of the Medieval world, whereas All Star Western shows you Jonah Hex in the frontier town of Gotham City, long before the Bat took to the belfry. And DC’s favorite heroes from the 31st Century continue on their tales of the future in Legion of Superheroes and Legion Lost.

But the core of the New 52 is putting a new, modern spin to superheroes. Its flagship title, Justice League, was the first to hit the stands and takes place five years before “present day” and tells of the dawn of the superheroes. Continue reading

The DCU, Old and New. Part 2 of 3

By Doctor Q, Source:

As a result of the events in Flashpoint, DC made some major changes both to its publishing format and industry as a whole, as well as to the fictional universe – the New 52. It was, in essence, a total and complete overhaul from the top down. First up, DC canceled its entire line of publications and is embarking on the unprecedented effort of releasing 52 all new #1s. This includes titles like Action Comics and Detective Comics, which had been continuing their respective runs since the 1930s. In addition, DC is embracing the information age by releasing their titles digitally on the same day as they are published, called day-to-date publishing. This means that folks that have been using their laptops or tablets to read comics of late no longer have to wait weeks or months to keep up to date with their favorite stories.

In addition, they are not actually really rebooting their universe. DC made a very concerted point to call their effort a “relaunch,” as they are picking and choosing the best parts of their respective characters’ histories, and then putting a fresh face on it moving forward. Continue reading