Transmissions From Atlantis 53: DragonCon Review, Adrian Paul, Peter Davison and Star Mage with IDW

Hey there folks, a big week here at Transmissions From Atlantis. First we give you the lowdown on yesterday’s big announcement that Star Mage will be published by IDW. We give you a full DragonCon 2013 review including our favorite moments, costumes, panels and tons of other goodies. We also give you highlights from the Adrian Paul (Highlander) panel moderated by friend of the show Doctor Scott Vigue and give you our questions from an exclusive press conference with the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison of Doctor Who. Plus a boatload of news including True Blood’s demise, Stargate getting a reboot and 50th anniversary/Christmas Special Doctor Who nuggets.

All this and more on Episode 53 of Transmissions From Atlantis!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 51- DragonCon’s Whedonverse Plus The Heroes of Cosplay and Affleck’s Batman

We’re a week away from the greatest fan run Con in the southeast – DragonCon! We wrap up our series of DragonCon track director interviews with Whedonverse Track Director Mary Moline. Plus we give you our thoughts on the new reality series Heroes of Cosplay. We also talk about this week’s big news – Ben Affleck will be Batman. We’re also reviewing the season finale for True Blood plus did Moffat just say that Peter Capaldi is the last doctor? Is JK Rowling coming to Doctor Who?

All that, plus much more!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 50: Star Wars at DragonCon, Even the author hates Twilight and Will Matt Regenerate at 50?

Hey folks, TFA hits the big 5-0 with this week’s episode. This week we give you a special opening to the show – plus we continue our DragonCon 2013 coverage with an interview with the Star Wars Track Director Brandy Roatsey. Plus, Stephanie Meyer apparently hates her creation Twilight, just like the rest of us. In Who News, will Matt actually regenerate in the 50th anniversary episode? We have some evidence to say yes! Plus, more confirmation that John Hurt’s doctor is the 9th doctor/time war doctor.

All that, plus True Blood, Dexter and much more!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 49 – Why Peter Capaldi is the Perfect Choice for the 12th Doctor and DragonCon Horror Track’s Derek Tatum

So we finally know who the Twelve incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor will be. Why is Peter Capaldi the perfect choice to play our favorite physician? Rita and JC tell you! Plus could the rumors of the re-discovered lost episodes of Who actually be true? We give you the latest. Also, we have a chat about DragonCon’s newest track – Horror Track with the director Derek Tatum and we also give you our reviews of True Blood and Dexter. And if that’s not enough..SHARKNADO!

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TFA 48: DragonCon’s Stargate Multiverse Track, 12th Doctor Auditions and True Blood

We’re back again with another fun-filled episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. This week, we talk to DragonCon Stargate Multiverse Director Jennifer Breland and Assistant Director Jamie Poff. We also talk about the BBC’s pending announcement on the 12th Doctor, who might be that person announced and we both take our shot at an audition for Doctor Who (you don’t want to miss that one). Also on tap is our catch up on Dexter and True Blood, Arnold Schwartzenneger returning to Conan, the return of Rosemary’s Baby plus Moffat lies!

All this plus much more on the T-F-A extravaganza! Parental Guidance/NSFW is suggested for the True Blood segment due to some graphic descriptions and language.

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Transmissions From Atlantis 47: Connnnnnnn! DragonCon’s Dan Carroll, San Diego Comic Con News and Pacific Rim

We go Con crazy this week with all the  news from San Diego Comic Con. We let you in on all the important stuff you need to know. We also continue our preparation for DragonCon as we have an interview with DragonCon’s Director of Media Relations Dan Carroll. We give you our review of Pacific Rim plus breakdown all the SDCC news regarding Doctor Who – Does Matt regret leaving? Is Moffat lying about no classic Doctors in 50th? Has the 12th Doctor been picked? And what happened to Amy Pond’s hair?

Plus  - Star Mage is FUNDED! We tell you what’s next.  All this and much more on the Tizzle F’in A.  Click through for the show schedule, links and more!

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Transmissions From Atlantis Episode 45: David Tennant – His Doctor’s Impact on Doctor Who

Hey kiddies, we’re back with an amazing double episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. As our listeners know, we’ve been reviewing each Doctor in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the show in a segment called Legacy Who Redux. We have finally reached perhaps the most influential of the Doctors (definitely among the new series Doctors) in David Tennant. We talk our favorite episodes, our thoughts on David’s run as the Doctor and his returning for the 50th. We also go in depth on the Tenth Doctor and why we feel he is the best.

We’re not just talking Who, though. We also give you our review of the Lone Ranger, tell you about the reboot efforts for the Crow and Terminator, we let you know if Pacific Rim is doomed to bomb, we review Dexter and True Blood and JC gives you a review of friend of the show Doctor Scott Vigue’s Archaeology in Fiction book. All that plus…a SHARKNADO preview! Schedule and Links after the jump!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 44: Man of Steel, True Blood and TFA Comics

JC and Rita De La Torre return for another exciting episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. In this week’s episode, JC gives you the scoop on Transmissions From Atlantis Comics, Star Mage’s Kickstarter Relaunch and the new artist joining the Star Mage team, Franco Cespedes. Superman buff Dr. Scott Vigue reviews Man of Steel, we review the season premiere of True Blood and have 90 missing  Doctor Who episodes been found? Finally, Legacy Who continues our series on the Doctors with Chris Eccelston’s Ninth Doctor. All that and much more on TFA!

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Transmissions From Atlantis – Episode 31 – Oz the Great and Powerful, Summer Movies and Beetlejuice at 25

JC and Rita are back for another thrilling episode this week. In this episode, the dynamic duo preview this summer’s hottest movies, give you a review of Oz the Great and Powerful, let you in on what the Potter kids are up to and take you down memory lane as Beetlejuice turns 25. Plus, had Peter Weller’s character in Star Trek 2 been revealed, our review of this week’s Walking Dead and is there trouble on the set of True Blood?

In Who news, we celebrate birthdays of two of the major actors in the Whoniverse, we let you know if Toby Whithouse is next man up for the showrunner gig, if the mummies from Pyramids of Mars are making a return, BBC’s plans for the 50th and when will the big episode (episodes?) begin filming?

All that and much more as we give you Episode 31 of Transmissions From Atlantis!

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Transmissions From Atlantis – Episode 17 – The One About the Walking Dead and the Death of Rose Tyler

After fully recovering from our Pond mourning, we are back at it with another action packed episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. This week, we discuss why George R.R. Martin’s flashbacks aren’t in the Game of Thrones series. We let you know about Chris Carter’s return to television, the latest on American Horror Story and a big time screen legend who is joining the True Blood cast.  We give you our thoughts on Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem trailer plus some big news from the creator of the Walking Dead. And speaking of our favorite zombies – in Rita’s Reading Review we give you a comparison of the Walking Dead graphic novel and the television series.

In our retro review we give our full review of the Indiana Jones Blu-Ray box set.

If that doesn’t beat all – we still have our Doctor Who segment where we talk about Steven Moffatt’s alternate endings to the Angels Take Manhattan, which Weeping Angels story is the best and reveal the title for the opener of Series 7 part 2. Oh and we tell you what we mean by the death of Rose Tyler…its not what you think.

Join us for another fun-filled episode of TFA!

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