Tron director gets $100 million AND Tom Cruise for next movie

Is a Cruise film woth 100 million??Somebody must really like Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. Not only did he just get $100 million for a project that was in danger of not happening just two months ago, but he landed Tom Cruise to star in it.

According to Deadline, Universal Pictures is ponying up the budget for Oblivion, a SF epic based on a graphic novel created by Kosinski (which will be out later this year), while Cruise has committed to starring in the picture. Production will begin in October on the film, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where most of humanity now lives in the clouds and the surface of the Earth has been ravaged by hostile aliens. Cruise will presumably play the main character, who fixes the drones that hunt down the aliens and finds a beautiful woman in a crashed spaceship who alters his view of the world.

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Tron: Legacy DVD extras may expose the villain of Tron 3

Secrets abound in TRON Legacy DVD

In prepping for the DVD and Blu-ray release of last winter’s sci-fi-gamespace hit, (Coming April 18th) Disney has been dropping little film-clip nuggets, suggesting a life for the characters after Tron: Legacy. And the latest reaches way back for an antagonist with real bite.

Let’s just hope that for Tron: Eternity (or whatever they’ll call it), they give the ol’ Master Control Program a bit of a facelift—and get David Warner back for the voice

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1st dizzying trailer for the animated series Tron: Uprising

Are you ready for Tron Uprising?

If you liked Tron: Legacy, you’ll be happy with the trailer for Tron: Uprising, the Disney animated series that will be coming to your TV screen this summer. Even better, if you liked the original Tron, you’ll probably be happy, too: There’s always a chance the TV show might fix some of Legacy’s bigger mistakes.

The problem with Tron: Legacy is that it ignored the basic premise of the first movie: that they were trapped inside a computer. The world of the Grid, as seen in the second movie, is more of an alternate universe.

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18 sci-fi/fantasy bars we wish we could spend New Year’s Eve in

A visit to Mos Eisley

Blastr has a great list of some awesome Sci-Fi/Fantasy bars, but sadly enough, there’s no way for you to visit any of these establishments, which see fit to get our favorite characters zonked out of their gourds. But sci-fi and fantasy are all about showing you impossibilities made manifest, right? So bottoms up!

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Earth Station One Episode 39 – Dude, I Think I have Pac Man Fever!!

Earth Station One Episode 39 - Dude, I Think I have Pac Man Fever!!

This past week we all went to the movies and saw TRON Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 Disney film TRON, some of us liked it, some didn’t in this episode we will be talking about how felt about it, also on the same theme as TRON, we thought it would be fun to go down memory lane and talk about some of our favorite video games growing up. So grab your all your quarter, lets head to the local arcade.

Join us for another fun filled podcast that we like to call Episode 39 – Dude, I Think I have Pac Man Fever!!

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:02:32 ESO Rants and Raves – Charlotte Comic Con / Laura Croft / Spider-man the Musical
0:17:43 The Geek Seat w/ Bill
0:28:44 TRON Legacy
0:59:55 Our Favorite Video Game We Grew Up With
1:35:46 Listener Feedback
1:45:06 Show Close

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TRON Legacy Director Considers Franchise’s Future

Can we look forward to more TRON?

TRON Legacy has been in theaters for a handful of days now, and as a geek-driven franchise, the hardcore of hardcore fans are undoubtedly wondering what comes next.

It’s the nature of a big story like this: the adventure comes to a close, plot threads are intentionally left dangling and a whole new conversation springs up about where the story could go from here. Obviously no one on the inside is sharing any details, but director Joe Kosinski at least dropped a few tantalizing hints about the franchise’s future in an exclusive interview with Spinoff Online

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TRON’s Past is Our Present: From Film to Real-World Tech

Tron is here.. or is he?

It’s been twenty-eight years since the original TRON showed moviegoers “a world inside the computer where man has never been.” Although the film’s visual effects, once so cutting edge that they were said to have been cheating, now look dated, the ideas and computing concepts shared with a mass audience for the first time have fermented in the brains of a generation and can now been seen in the world around us.

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