Commentary from Stormcage: Top Five Cosplay Tips

By Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

Another Dragon*Con might have come and gone, but cosplay is year-round hobby for many, including myself. It’s not uncommon for me to be working on multiple cosplays at once, or be considering what characters or costumes I want to tackle next.

Tip 1: Research, research, research. As soon as I see a costume I want to cosplay, I search the Internet for screencaps or promotional images. Seeing an outfit’s details from every angle can help you whether you’re planning on tracking down a screen accurate item or buying and altering a similar garment. When using online forums, scan past posts and tags before asking questions. Many times your questions might already be answered if you’re cosplaying a popular character. [For Sherlock fans, Sherlockology has everything covered. Seriously. Everything.] Search for online tutorials to get ideas on how to make things, style your hair or wigs, or apply makeup. If you’re feeling gutsy and have the right information, you might even reach out to actual costume designer to inquire about a hard-to-identify piece. If you do, just be straightforward and polite in your request and thank them for their time. [What information they give you might rely on what they're allowed to say or based on their memory of working on the project.]

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Transmissions From Atlantis 47.1 – A Chat with DragonCon Brit Track Director Caro Brown!

We have a special episode of Transmissions of Atlantis as we’re thrilled to have DragonCon Director of Brit Track Caro Brown on the show! Caro will give you the history of Brit Track, some of her favorite moments, the amazing programming, parties and guests for Brit Track 2013!

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Earth Station One Episode 145 – The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Earth Station One Ep 145: The Further Adventures of Sherlock HomesThis week, the ESO crew celebrates the birthday of one of the most iconic characters in literature, Sherlock Holmes. Joining Mike, Mike, and Bobby for cake, ice cream, and mystery are guests Ashley Bergner, Doctor Q, and Ron Fortier. While the World’s Greatest Detective deducts what presents we
brought without opening them, we investigate his legacy and current popularity. We also chat with entertainer and musician Ken Spivey about his upcoming Time Lord Fest. Plus the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
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Next on ESO…

ESO Takes on Sherlock..
Next week, the Earth Station One crew puts on their deerskin caps and applies their best deductive reasoning to studying all things Sherlock Hoilmes. From the original stories by Sir Conan Arthur Doyle to new novels, anthologies, and comic books featuring the venerable detective and to the latest Robert Downey Jr. Movies to the modern day retellings with BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’ Elementary. We’re getting Sherlocked next week on Earth Station One.

As always, ESO wants to hear from you. We’d love to hear about your favorite incarnation of Sherlock Holmes. Also, what do you think about the new modern day Holmes on TV? Please let us know at, or email us at, or call 404-963-9057. We might just read yours on the show.

Review: Second season of BBC ‘Sherlock’ a suspenseful, smartly-written masterpiece

By Ashley Bergner
Box Office Buzz

The greatest actors don’t just pretend to be a character — they actually become that character, so perfectly embodying a fictional persona that their performance transcends mere acting. And that’s exactly the kind of performance given by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC’s smartly-written, modern update of the famous Sherlock Holmes detective stories.

Cumberbatch truly is Sherlock Holmes, and he was a delight to watch in the first season of the BBC’s “Sherlock.” And the good news for fans is, the second season of the show (which just finished airing on PBS) also is excellent.

“Sherlock” takes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective and transplants him to modern-day London. Cumberbatch’s Holmes serves as a “consulting detective,” aided by his friend Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), who also blogs about Holmes’ adventures. The second season of the show updates several of Doyle’s most famous detective tales, having Holmes cross paths with the elusive femme fatale Irene Adler, investigate the “hounds of Baskerville,” and puzzle over Moriarty’s “final problem.” Continue reading

PBS Cut 24 Minutes From Series 2 Of Sherlock To Make Room For Adverts

Shertlock Getting a Trim by PBS??by Hannah Shaw-Williams, Source: Bleeding Cool

For purveyors of online video communities like Youtube and Blip, there’s often nothing more frustrating than having to sit through a 30 second ad just to watch a 2 minute video. So what if for every second of advert you have to watch, a second of the video you actually want to watch is edited away to make room?

Sound like a terrible idea? Not to PBS. US audiences who sat down eagerly last week to watch the imported second series of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock were disappointed to find that the 90 minute episode A Scandal In Belgravia had been cut down to 82 minutes in order to allow for the necessary “words from our sponsors”. Continue reading

New Series Of Sherlock Gets Scheduled – For Shooting, At Least

Sherlock Scheduled for 2013, we thinkby Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding Cool,

The BBC’s in-house magazine Ariel recently went from online to print, but luckily it’s now open to people outside of Auntie’s club, and we can all have a snoop.

This morning they published a key quote from Beryl Vertue, producer of Sherlock, on the occasion of her address to the Nations and Regions Media conference in Salford. While she couldn’t yet give any kind of schedule for the next series hitting our screens, she did at least reveal when it will be filming. Continue reading

Will The Doctor Match Wits With Sherlock?

Source: Metro

I’m not usually one to post rumors, but this is too good to pass up!

Benedict Cumberbatch is rumoured to be starring in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode as the Time Lord’s arch rival, The Master.

Despite The Doctor’s deadly foe having appeared in the show in various guises since 1971, this will be the first time Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Time Lord will come to blows with his biggest enemy as the BBC One sci-fi drama prepares to mark half a century since it first hit screens next year. Continue reading

CBS’ new Holmes series shakes up Sherlock: Lucy Liu is Watson!

Lucy Liu is Holmes's Watson.. HUH?!?!?By Trent Moore, Source:

Everyone worried that CBS’ upcoming Sherlock Holmes series Elementary might rip-off the BBC’s exceptional Sherlock can breathe a sigh of relief—because the U.S. version is definitely taking a few liberties.

Genre stalwart Lucy Liu (Rise: Blood Hunter, Kill Bill) has signed on to play Holmes’ partner Dr. Joan Watson, a former surgeon who works with the detective. In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original novels the character was male. Continue reading