TFA Episode 6 – Sci Fi/Horror Shows We Miss and The River/Captain Jack Who Spinoff

Okay, so better late than never – right? TFA Episode 6 is coming at you with our biggest show ever. While sometimes bigger doesn’t mean better – in this case it most certainly is. We give you the news of the weird with testicle eating Fish and an ex-CIA agent claiming the Roswell Crash was really extra-terrestrial (no duh).  We give you the skinny on just which villain Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek 2. Rita accuses JC of crushing on the naked Nathan Fillion (of Firefly). Rita goes bonkers for the return of Sailor Moon. We also give our review of the new hit film The Amazing Spider-Man.

Then we go off the deep end, talking about Sci-Fi and Horror shows that are no longer on the air and we miss dearly (Yes Firefly, Stargate SG-1 and Buffy are on the list – among many others).

We have a new segment this week – the Retro Review – where we’ll give a new review of old tv shows and movies. In our Transmissions Received segment, we have best selling author of the Wool series, Hugh Howey in for a chat on remarkable trip to the top of the Amazon Best Seller charts as an independent author.

Rita goes Harry Potter nutzo as we review the book series in Rita’s Reading Review and preview Ascendio 2012 – the Con later this week in Orlando, Florida.

We have more naked John Barrowman (Torchwood) discussion, could River and Captain Jack end up in a spinoff series (we had it first)? Plus other Doctor Who news.

We wrap up this marathon session by reviewing the last two episodes of True Blood.

We are packed to the gills…watch out!

The schedule and links are after the jump!

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Next on Earth Station One…

Next on ESO, Our favorite shows featirng  Time TravelNext week, Earth Station One goes all timey-whimey as the ESO crew hops into our favorite time travel devices to explore our favorite movies and TV shows dealing with time travel. So, dust off your Delorean, warm up the Time Tunnel, power up the Sphere, sweet talk the TARDIS, and plot a slingshot trajectory around the sun because ESO is going back in time.

ESO wants to hear from you. Share your favorite time travel stories at, at the ESO Facebook Group, email us at, or call us at 404-963-9057. We might just read yours on the show.

The ESO Crew

Erth Station One Episode 20 – William, I Am Your Father!

Erth Station One Episode 20 - William, I am Your Father!!

This week the ESO podcast marks it’s 20th Episode with reviews of ‘Blink’ the Steven Moffat penned episode of Doctor Who featuring the 10th Doctor. Then we help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, by chatting about the film as only the ESO crew can.

News stories covered this week: Spiderman on Broadway, The New Mad Max, A New Quantum Leap movie and Torchwood Series 4.

Join Mike, Dan, Judy, Mike G and John for all the fun and goofiness that goes along with ESO Podcast Episode 20: William, I Am Your Father!

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:04:14 News
0:23:04 Doctor Who: Blink
0:52:58 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
1:33:37 Show Close

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Erth Station One Episode 10 – Darn, That’s the End!?!

Erth Station One Episode 10

Erth Station One returns this week with our news commentary and a review of Cold Blood the ninth episode of series 5 of Doctor Who. Then with the end of the 24 and LOST we decided to talk about our favorite and least series endings. Join our regular crew of Mike, Dan, Judy & Jennifer you never know what might come up.

News stories referenced in this episode:

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Shows that ended badly

With LOST coming to an end next week, a lot of people are very much on the fence how the show’s going to end. Sci-fi news compiled a list of great shows, that ended very poorly, overall I agree with it, (other then the wrong photo for Life on Mars), thoughts?

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