Moore Files Lawsuit Against Kirkman Over THE WALKING DEAD

More files lawsuit Against KirkmanBy Albert Ching, Source:

Tony Moore is suing Robert Kirkman over compensation from The Walking Dead, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The article states that Moore is claiming to be owed as much as half of the proceeds related to the series, which has been adapted as a popular AMC live-action series. Moore is alleging that he was, as The Hollywood Reporter puts it, “duped” into signing over his interest in The Walking Dead to Kirkman, that he’s received “very little compensation” and hasn’t been able to access profit statements related to the franchise.

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The 10 Greatest ROGUES GALLERIES in Pop Culture

Top 10 Rouges GallerieBy George Marston, Source:

A hero is defined by his or her villains, and that’s especially clear in the world of comic books and genre entertainment.

Recently, Newsarama has ranked the individual villains opposing heroes like Spider-Man, Batman, the Justice League and the Avengers. This time around, we’re looking at which character has the best rogues gallery as a whole, pitting different pop cultural franchises against each other. Continue reading


Pinocchio Vampire Slayer vol 3 is a hitBy Vaneta Rogers, Source: Newsarama

With their story of Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, artist Dusty Higgins and writer Van Jensen have won loyal readers over by utilizing the classic tale of the small puppet to portray his revenge on a horde of bloodsucking vampires.

This month, the 250-page Volume 3 of the series, titled Of Wood and Blood is being released digitally, along with the first two volumes on ComiXology, introducing a new audience to the story already beloved by its fans. Continue reading

Shane Davis Returns To SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE in VOLUME 2

Superman Earth One is coming back

Working with writer J. Michael Straczynski, artist Shane Davis introduced readers to a whole new take on Superman last year with the hugely successful graphic novel, Superman: Earth One.

Although the project was originally announced as a series of books, the future of the format hinged on that first volume. But the release of the graphic novel was such a success that Co-Publisher Dan DiDio told Newsarama the bookstore market is something the publisher is exploring for other DC characters.

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