Transmissions From Atlantis 60 – Day of the Doctor, Sleepy Hollow and Catching Fire

JC and Rita are finally down from their Day of the Doctor high, have collected their thoughts and are ready to provide them to you! Did they love Day of the Doctor? Did they hate it? And what about Adventures in Space and Time?

Plus – is Matt’s Doctor actually Doctor Number 13 and what other rumors of the Christmas Special are out there?

They’re also back to their regular features of Sci-Fi News and Horror News, reviewing Thor and Hunger Games: Catching Fire while also catching up on episodes of Sleepy Hollow and the Walking Dead.

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Earth Station Who Episode 55 – The Day of the Doctor

Earth Station Who Episode 55After 50 years, The Doctor finally had his day and what a day it was! After the record-breaking global broadcast, the ESW crew celebrated the 50th anniversary with an event co-hosted with TimeGate Convention, Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor and DragonCon British Media Track. Mike, Mike, Jen, and the Phantom Troublemaker had a blast sharing initial reactions to The Day of The Doctor special along with the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Beau Brown, Kirby Bartlett-Sloan, and the main man of the night, Alan Siler. It was an added bonus to hang out with many friends and fans throughout the evening. So much fun, it should be an annual holiday!

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Earth Station Who Episode 51 – Human Nature/Family of Blood

Earth Station Who Ep 51 The Doctor explores what it means to be human in one of our favorite episodes in the 50 year history of the franchise. Mike, Mike, Jen, and the Phantom Troublemaker record “The Podcast of Impossible Things” and try to avoid Family members and menacing scarecrows. We also review the ninth episode of The Doctors Revisited, and chat about the latest news and fandom.

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Transmissions From Atlantis Episode 45: David Tennant – His Doctor’s Impact on Doctor Who

Hey kiddies, we’re back with an amazing double episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. As our listeners know, we’ve been reviewing each Doctor in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the show in a segment called Legacy Who Redux. We have finally reached perhaps the most influential of the Doctors (definitely among the new series Doctors) in David Tennant. We talk our favorite episodes, our thoughts on David’s run as the Doctor and his returning for the 50th. We also go in depth on the Tenth Doctor and why we feel he is the best.

We’re not just talking Who, though. We also give you our review of the Lone Ranger, tell you about the reboot efforts for the Crow and Terminator, we let you know if Pacific Rim is doomed to bomb, we review Dexter and True Blood and JC gives you a review of friend of the show Doctor Scott Vigue’s Archaeology in Fiction book. All that plus…a SHARKNADO preview! Schedule and Links after the jump!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 36 – Reviewmania and the Legacy of the Fourth Doctor

Folks, JC and Rita go bonkers with reviews this week! They review Defiance, DaVinci’s Demons, not one but two Game of Thrones episodes, the trailer for Black Sails, the Spartacus series finale and Doctor Who Cold War.

In addition, they preview this week’s Doctor Who episode “Hide”, provide you the scoop on Disney’s plans for the Star Wars franchise and give you an in depth accounting of the legacy of the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker as part of their ongoing series – Legacy Who Redux.

All this, plus much more!

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Earth Station Who Episode 28 – The End of Time

Earth Station Who Ep 28 - The End of Time“I don’t want to go!” are the last words of the Tenth Doctor and we were not sure we wanted to go review this two-part finale either. But Mike, Mike, Phantom Troublemaker and Dr. Geek do what must be done for Gallifrey! For victory! For the end of time itself! We also take a look at the first BBC America 50th anniversary special, Doctor Who Revisited, and the classic story, The Aztecs.

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Earth Station Who Episode 27 – The Christmas Invasion

Earth Station Who Episode 27 - The Christmas InvasionIts Christmas time and there’s no need to be afraid! Unless the Earth is being invaded by Sycorax and The Doctor spending most of his time in bed. Good thing you’ve got Torchwood on speed dial. Mike, Mike, and Phantom Troublemaker take a look back at the Tenth Doctor’s first adventure when a holiday tradition was born.

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Transmissions From Atlantis – Episode 23 – The One About The Hobbit, The Snowmen and the 50th

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We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Jason and Rita DLT are back with Season 2 of Transmissions From Atlantis. We have a jam packed show for you this week as we give you our review on the Hobbit, we talk about the Doctor Who

Christmas Special – the Snowmen, we give you the latest on Star Trek 2, the Walking Dead, Evil Dead and tell you why we won’t be going to see Texas Chainsaw.

We’ll also be talking with Doctor Scott Vigue about TimeLord Fest, coming to Tampa on January 26th.

Finally we have all the juicy Doctor Who 50th anniversary rumors! Come check us out after the bump!

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Doctor Who to Release Mini-Episode Next Week

Written by: Sam McPherson at TV Rage.

Matt Smith as The Doctor

May 17th, 2012, 1:59 pm

Doctor Who will be returning to television next week. A mini-episode, based upon the winning entry for this year’s Script to Screen competition, will air Thursday in the UK during the CBBC channel series Blue Peter at 5:45pm.

Script to Screen is a competition in which primary school children aged 9 to 11 years old write and submit scripts. The winning entry each year is adapted into a mini-episode. Last year’s episode was the zany outing “Death is the Only Answer,” which saw saw Albert Einstein mysteriously appear in the TARDIS before being transformed into an Ood and back. It wasn’t exactly “Blink,” but it was a fun outing nonetheless.

Thursday’s mini-episode has a bit of a current topic: it’s based around the 2012 Olympics (which are taking place in London). Matt Smith will appear as the Doctor, though it’s unknown who else (if anyone else) will feature into the episode.

Doctor Who has previously featured the Olympic Games in the second series episode “Fear Her,” which saw the Doctor (then played by David Tennant) visit the then-future 2012 Olympic Games and light the Olympic Torch. “Fear Her” is widely considered as one of revived series’ worst episodes. Perhaps these primary schoolers can save the Olympics for the Doctor.

Doctor Who will not return as a series proper until August, when its seventh season premieres. The series will be the final one to feature Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as the Doctor’s companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams; Gillan and Darvill wrapped filming earlier this week.

You can check out the last mini-episode, “Death is the Only Answer,” here.

John Barrowman wants to do a Who movie (but not with Matt Smith)

Barrowman wants to do Doctor Who movie but without Matt SmithBy Nathalie Caron, Source:

Poor Matt Smith. Seems that Torchwood’s John Barrowman—who is, as always, more than willing to reprise his character of immortal Captain Jack Harkness in anything Who-related—is ready to do a Doctor Who movie … IF it’s done with David Tennant as the Doctor.

That’s what the always-chatty 44-year-old actor revealed in an interview with RTE, where he also broached the subject of what’s happening with Torchwood and why it hasn’t been commissioned for a fifth series yet, even though Torchwood: Miracle Day ended its run a couple weeks back. Continue reading