Gobble Gobble: The Biggest Box-Office Turkeys of 2011

Green Lantern Movie among the biggest Turkeys of 2011By Kurt Orzeck, Source: Yahoo.com

Turkey Day comes once a year, but in a year that’s been short on big motion-picture success stories, it seems like a fresh bird has landed at the box office every weekend.

In honor of the biggest film-going holiday on the calendar, TheWrap has assembled a list of 2011′s biggest duds so far:

With Johnny Deppmovies having amassed an astronomical $7.67 billion across the globe over the course of his career, this film stands out like a bad batch of hooch. Grossing just $19.1 million worldwide on a $45 million budget, it was Depp’s least successful film since 1999′s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” another movie based on the actor’s close friend, the late Hunter S. Thompson. It was perhaps an even greater disappointment for director Bruce Robinson, who battled with alcohol and writer’s block while penning the screenplay, and who hadn’t directed a film since 1992 (“Jennifer 8″).
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