‘The Hobbit’ has an extended preview at CinemaCon: Which scene would you want to see first?

Hobbit extended preview premiringby Darren Franich, Source: ew.com

Tomorrow, Warner Bros. will host their presentation at CinemaCon, and EW has confirmed that the studio will screen some material from Peter Jackson’s hotly-anticipated The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey — the first part of the Hobbit duology, which is totally a word now thanks to Hollywood. Warner is keeping mum about exactly which scenes from The Hobbit will screen, although an earlier report by The Hollywood Reporter claimed there would be about ten minutes of footage. Which gives us the opportunity to speculate. Besides the ominous teaser, this will be pretty much the first new video from Peter Jackson’s version of Middle-Earth in almost a decade. What would you want to see from The Hobbit? Continue reading

Private space mogul wants to skip the moon and go right to Mars

Space X is aiming for MarsBy Matthew Jackson, Source: Blastr.com

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is an ambitious guy. He’s the one who said he can get commercial flights to Mars up and running a decade or so from now, but what about humanity’s return to the moon? Well, if you ask Musk, the moon’s little more than old news.

Musk has been making the rounds to talk up his company a lot these days as part of the lead-up to a (hopefully) historic SpaceX launch next week. On April 30 the company will launch an unmanned Dragon capsule to dock with the International Space Station. Continue reading

What Watchmen’s mistakes taught Whedon about making The Avengers

Joss Wheadon learns from others mistakesBy Marc Bernardin, Source: Blastr.com

As the old saying goes, we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants. You’d be a fool to not learn from the errors of those that came before. So when Joss Whedon got involved with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, he looked at the mistakes of earlier comic book flicks and discovered the secret of the satisfying superhero movie.

During The Avengers press tour, Whedon was asked how one goes about making a good comic book adaptation and his answer is both simple and obvious—and yet eludes so many people who attempt to make them Continue reading