Sequential Pulp Comics shared their latest press release for Athena Voltaire with Earth Station One.

Sequential Pulp Comics’ Athena Voltaire Press Release
For more information, contact:
Michael Hudson


Globetrotting aviatrix Athena Voltaire battles Nazis, occult science, and mythical creatures against the backdrop of the pulp era. And now she’s coming in for a landing with Sequential Pulp Comics.

Co-publishers Sequential Pulp Comics and Dark Horse Comics are pleased to announce their publishing plans for writer/artist Steve Bryant’s 1930s heroine.

“Steve and I share a common love for all things pulp and for telling great stories. His character, Athena Voltaire, could not be a better fit for our line of graphic novels,” said Sequential Pulp president Michael Hudson. “These stories will have a beginning, a middle, and a true end to them, giving the reader a complete and fulfilling experience. The art and the writing are masterful. I can’t wait to see how Steve and his team develop this wonderful property as we move ahead.”

“I can’t think of a better home for Athena Voltaire than the Sequential Pulp imprint. Their commitment to adapting genre classics and creating new pulp icons is second to none,” said Bryant. “To be published through Dark Horse is the cherry on top. Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Buffy, Battlepug—they put out some of the best comics on the stands today. I’m flattered and humbled to see my book added to such a prestigious line!” Continue reading

Roger Langridge’s Unseen Muppet Shows To Finally See Print In July

It's time for the Muppet Showby Rich Johnston, Source: Bleeding Cool;

It was a cultural crime against humanity. That Roger Langridge’s final Muppet Show comics never saw print at Boom!, caught in the twisting wind between Muppets owners Disney and Marvel and… whatever the hell it was that was going on there.

But in July, Marvel will begin to publish those unseen comics. Four issues of them, entitled Four Seasons. Continue reading

Former NASA scientist says Star Trek is agency’s ‘worst enemy’

star trek screws up NASA scienceBy Trent Moore, Source:

Though science fiction can help inspire us to create and strive toward new technological breakthroughs, it can also have a decidedly negative effect, at least according to one former NASA scientist: It makes people forget that rocket science is, you know, rocket science. Continue reading


Sequential Pulp Comics shared their latest press release for A Quatermain Adventure with Earth Station One.

Sequential Pulp Comics’ A Quatermain Adventure Press Release
For more information, contact:
Michael Hudson

The FIRST Action-Adventure Hero Returns in a new series of Quatermain Adventures from Sequential Pulp Comics

Allan Quatermain may not be as well known as Tarzan or Indiana Jones, but he adventured his way through lost civilizations long before those two characters’ adventures had been put into writing.

Quatermain first appeared in Sir H. Rider Haggard’s 1886 novel, King Solomon’s Mines, and he set the standard for generations of adventure heroes. Haggard’s second most famous character, the iconic Ayesha followed a year later in the rousing “lost civilization” yarn, She. Both Quatermain and Ayesha proved to be so popular that Haggard wrote one of the earliest versions of a “crossover” with Allan and She. Both characters have proven to be remarkably durable over the decades in both print and film and continue to thrill audiences today. Continue reading

Fringe producers shot TWO season finales. Which will we see?

Which Fringe Season Final will we see?? Dose Waler Know?? MabyeBy Trent Moore, Source:

With the fate of Fox’s Fringe still up in the air, the cast recently opened up about just how prepared they are if the current fourth season turns out to be the last. The most interesting tidbit? They’ve apparently shot two potential endings, depending on if the series gets a last minute pickup.

John Noble (Walter Bishop) told TV Line they have two potential final scenes in the bag, which will either wrap up the current storylines, or leave one more thread open for another season. Continue reading