Ben Kingsley will be the Iron Man 3 baddie—but as who?

Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3 but as Who???By Marc Bernardin, Source:

On the heels of Captain America 2 getting a release date and just before The Avengers hits theaters, Marvel is putting a little heat under ol’ Shellhead’s armor: Robert Downey Jr. will face off against Sir Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3. But the Oscar winner won’t be playing who you think he will.

For some reason, the very mention of Kingsley as a comics villain brings the Mandarin to mind. But while Jon Favreau dropped Mandarin clues in Iron Man 1, and would’ve featured that classic Iron Man villain if he’d stuck around for Part 3, writer-director Shane Black is taking a different path. Continue reading

Summer 2012 Movie Preview

With the release date for “The Avengers” now less than a month away, the summer blockbuster season is almost here. There were quite a few good movies I really enjoyed last summer, with “X-Men: First Class” topping my list, and this summer’s slate of films looks very promising, as well. There’s a few films that are almost guaranteed hits (“The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises”), and a few gambles (“The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Bourne Legacy”). Continue reading

Two new interviews with writer and ESO co-host Bobby Nash

A couple of interviews that were conducted with writer and Earth Station One co-host, Bobby Nash recently have been released. Please click the links below to read the interviews.

The Free Choice E-Zine Interviews Bobby Nash

The Random 10 – No: 1 The Bobby Nash Interview

As always, you can learn more at



Rumor of the Day: Is Disney making an animated Marvel movie?

Marvel Comics might be coming to Disney Animation By Marc Bernardin, Source:

When Disney and Marvel got in bed together a few years back, fans were both worried and jazzed: worried that Disney would mousify the comics they love and jazzed at the new possibilities of the House That Stan Lee Built partnering with the animation powerhouse. The former never came to pass, but is the latter actually coming true?

It takes a certain interpretive reading of a few blog posts on the Blue Sky Disney blog, which reports on the various nooks and crannies of Disney’s animation business, but if you choose to read these tea leaves the right way, it could signify some good geek news. Continue reading

DC Brings Back Kid Eternity For The New 52 – So What Will Get Canned?

Kid Eternity is back, who's going Bye Byeby Rich Johnston, Source: Bleeding

Wired reports that in July, DC Comics are launching a new 52 series, National Comics, a book that will switch the spotlight character every issue.

The first four will be Eternity, Madame X, Rose And Thorn, and Looker.

Jeff Lemire and Cully Hamner will create Eternity, which appears to be similar to Kid Eternity. They describe it:

This is the story of police coroner Christopher Freeman. After being given a second chance on life, he finds himself with the ability to resurrect the dead. Freeman uses his new ability to help those he resurrects to find their murderers and to gain closure, so they can continue to the other side.

Continue reading

Grundy’s Web Pick of the Week: StumbleUpon

Let’s be honest, one day you won’t have ol’ Grundy here to tell you what sites to visit. If you’re breaking out into a cold sweat right now, just know that’s a prefectly reasonable response. You’d do well to remember the wise words of the good book, The Hitchhicker’s Guide the the Galaxy, and don’t panic! I’ve decided to future proof my web picks. I do this at the risk of making myself expendable by automating the process…and now that I think about it, this is probably a bad move…but ESO isn’t paying me enough anyhow, so here it goes: my pick is StumbleUpon! Continue reading

DC Debuting New James Robinson-Written HE-MAN Comic in July

Are we ready for the return of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe?By Albert Ching, Source:

DC ended the working week with the announcement that a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe miniseries is on the way, written by James Robinson and with art from penciler Phillip Tan and inker Ruy Jose.

The series will run for six issues, and picks up in a world dominated by Skeletor, who has made Eternia’s heroes forget their Master-ful nature. After the Sorceress awakens He-Man to his true purpose, he embarks on a quest to restore the rest of the gang. (Including, we hope, Snout Spout.) Continue reading