Earth Station Who Episode 2: The Tenth Planet

Earth Station Who Episode 2: The Tenth PlanetJoin us as we travel all the way forward…er…back to 1986 and discuss the last William Hartnell story and the first appearance of the Cybermen, The Tenth Planet. Mike, Mike, and Dave return for the second episode of ESW and are joined by Articles of the Shadow Proclamation cohost, Scott Viguie, as they continue to review the adventures of the BBC’s beloved Timelord, one regeneration at a time. Continue reading

A Jonny Quest movie seems like a no-brainer; what’s taking so long?

Are we ready for the Jonny Quest film finally?By Marc Bernardin, Source:

There’s been talk of a live-action adventure starring Hanna Barbera’s great boy explorer for a good long while—back in 2009 Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson signed on as Jonny and Race Bannon—but nothing’s ever happened. Wrath of the Titans’ screenwriter Dan Mazeau, who is also on the Quest quest, explains why.

As always, big-budget movies like this have a ton of moving parts, and they all have to align in just the right way. Continue reading