Harrison Ford in talks for Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ follow-up

Harrison Ford coming back for Blade Runner Follow up, maybeBy Daniel Sperling , Source: Digital Spy

Harrison Ford has reportedly entered talks to appear in Ridley Scott’s new Blade Runner project.

The actor has apparently been approached to reprise his role as Rick Deckard for the follow-up to Scott’s 1982 sci-fi.

Discussions are in “very early stages”, according to Twitch Film, but Ford’s potential recruitment appears to have debunked suggestions that no original castmembers will be returning. Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Real Steel’

By Ashley Bergner
Source: Box Office Buzz

Although some critics were skeptical Hugh Jackman’s film “Real Steel” would turn out to be little more than “Rock’em Sock’em Robots: The Movie,” the film carries far more emotional weight than robots just smashing each other in a boxing ring. At its heart, the film is really about how an estranged father and son find a way to heal past scars and restore their relationship.

The film is set in the near future, in a time when robot boxing has replaced the traditional sport. The robots are controlled by human “trainers” using remote controls or voice commands. One of those trainers is Charlie (played by Hugh Jackman), who was an actual boxer before the rise of robot boxing. He’s had a run of bad luck and broken robot boxers, and isn’t exactly a poster child for responsibility. Continue reading