‘Star Trek’ sequel won’t be converted to 3-D until post-production

By Ashley Bergner, Box Office Buzz

J.J. Abrams’ highly anticipated sequel to his 2009 “Star Trek” film will be available in 3-D — but it won’t be converted to 3-D until post-production.

Adam B. Vary reported on the Entertainment Weekly website Abrams isn’t necessarily a fan of 3-D and wants to shoot the movie on celluloid film in the anamorphic format, like he did with his previous “Star Trek” film.

“I did not fight for the 3-D,” Abrams said. “It was something the studio wanted to do. I didn’t want to do it. … The thing that drives me crazy about 3-D is that when you put on the glasses, everything seems dim. I’m not totally on board yet.”

However, after Abrams saw some of the first Trek film converted to 3-D, he’s said he’s not as opposed to post-production conversion.

“I saw the first movie converted; it was actually really cool,” he said. “So I was okay with [converting the film to 3-D], as long as I could shoot it the way I wanted to.”