Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger shut down (Blame John Carter and Oz!)

The Lone Ranger no more?By Don Kaye, Source:

It seems that not even the presence of Johnny Depp can guarantee that a big-budget movie will actually get made these days.

According to Deadline, Disney has canceled The Lone Ranger, which would have starred Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the title character. Supposedly Disney shut the movie down because of budget issues: They wanted it to cost $200 million, but the filmmakers could only get the price down from $250 million to a mere $232 million.

The movie, which was supposed to come out in December 2012, would have reunited Depp with director Gore Verbinski, who worked with the actor on the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced all the Pirates flicks.
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