Adrienne Palicki will play Wonder Woman in NBC’s reboot series

Meet the New Amazon Princess

After an exhaustive search that nobody heard much about, other than the casting sheet that circulated yesterday, David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV series has landed its leading lady. And if you were a fan of the stellar Friday Night Lights, you’ll be rather pleased with the choice.

Adrienne Palicki, who stole hearts as Dillon High’s social magnet in Friday Night Lights—and who probably hopes you’ve forgotten her role as the pregnant mother who survives an angel-fight in the eminently forgettable Legion—has landed the multi-faceted role of Diana Prince/Diana Themyscira/Wonder Woman in NBC’s pilot.

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9 new superhero toys that may be better than the movies

Look at all these toys!!!

Come this May, superheroes are going to be stepping all over each other on the big screen as Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America: The First Avenger and X-Men: First Class are all released in the brief span of three months. We’ve all seen their trailers and movie posters, and while some are more successful than others, let’s face it—so far none have generated the kind of heat that comes with a new installment of The Dark Knight or even the Iron Man movie.

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Why isn’t Zack Snyder directing the 300 sequel? And who is?

Here comes 300 without Zack!!

While the Dawn of the Dead remake was the film that first made us take notice of Zack Snyder, his visceral adaptation of Frank Miller’s legendary graphic novel 300 made him a Hollywood heavyweight. So why isn’t he getting behind the camera for Xerxes, based on Miller’s ancient Greek follow-up?

Before Snyder got the nod from Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan to take charge of the next Superman film, he was fully intending to write and direct Xerxes. But now, according to New York Magazine, the Xerxes gig has just been offered to Sherlock Holmes’ Guy Ritchie. So what happened?

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