Tipton On the Origins of Khan’s Wrath


Debuting at New York Comic Con and now in comic stores nationwide, IDW’s new four-issue miniseries “Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell” probes the early days of the charismatic leader’s time on Ceti Alpha V, in the moments just before and immediately following the ruination of its ecosystem. The first issue, written by brothers and regular Trek scribes Scott and David Tipton with art by Fabio Mantovani, sees Khan and the Botany Bay colony establishing a fresh society on the untamed landscape, even as dissention rises as to whether their new home is a chance to forge a perfect civilization or a cruel and unforgivable form of exile.

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The Hobbit FINALLY gets the green light! Pipe-weed for everyone

Now the big question, who will play Bilbo?

After years of preproduction, a pair of directors, a bitter labor dispute and a bankrupted studio, The Hobbit has gotten the go-ahead to start shooting in February—with Peter Jackson securely at the helm.

The sets are already built, key players—including Ian McKellen—are waiting, and the script has been underway since 2008. Now, the $400 million, back-to-back production of the two-part Lord of the Rings prequel can finally begin.

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Nathan Fillion wants YOU (to help him star in Drake’s Fortune)

Nathan Fillan for Drake's Fortune?? He Needs Your Help!

Ever since it was announced that David O. Russell would be directing a big-screen adaptation of the video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the online buzz has been that the role of the treasure-hunting descendant of Sir Francis Drake should go to Firefly’s Nathan Fillion. And you know who agrees? Nathan Fillion!

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Jimenez Returns to DC with “Legion of Super-Heroes”

Jimenez is back with the Legion

Superstar artist Phil Jimenez returns to the DCU next week, illustrating a co-feature in “Legion of Super-Heroes” #6, written by industry legend Paul Levitz.

With little fanfare, Levitz revealed the news this weekend at New York Comic Con during the DC Universe panel. Jimenez, arguably one of the biggest names in comics, signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics in 2007 after creating a name for himself at DC Comics working on such titles as “Wonder Woman,” “New Titans” and “Team Titans.”

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