Earth Station One Episode 184 – ESO Delves into The X-Files

Earth Station One Ep 184The truth is no longer out there, it is on Earth Station One! We continue the Countdown to Halloween as former cigarette-smoking host Mike Gordon is joined by skeptic Mike Faber, believer and award-winning author Bobby Nash, and lone gunman Thomas Deja, to declassify one of the most influential TV series in our time. And speaking of paranormal, we also chat with Bobby and the creative team of Alexandra Holzer and Michael Hudson about the new prose series Ghost Gal right before we give them a scare with The Geek Seat. Plus, the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: ESO Delves into The X-Files
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Transmissions From Atlantis 47: Connnnnnnn! DragonCon’s Dan Carroll, San Diego Comic Con News and Pacific Rim

We go Con crazy this week with all the  news from San Diego Comic Con. We let you in on all the important stuff you need to know. We also continue our preparation for DragonCon as we have an interview with DragonCon’s Director of Media Relations Dan Carroll. We give you our review of Pacific Rim plus breakdown all the SDCC news regarding Doctor Who – Does Matt regret leaving? Is Moffat lying about no classic Doctors in 50th? Has the 12th Doctor been picked? And what happened to Amy Pond’s hair?

Plus  – Star Mage is FUNDED! We tell you what’s next.  All this and much more on the Tizzle F’in A.  Click through for the show schedule, links and more!

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Transmissions From Atlantis Episode 30 – Nancy A. Collins Speaks, Captain Jack and the Fall of the Eleventh for the 50th

JC and Rita are back for another fun filled episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. This week, the founder of the movement to boycott DragonCon, award winning Horror novelist Nancy A. Collins, joins the dynamic duo as well as ESO’s Mike Faber for a though-provoking discussion on Edward Kramer and DragonCon. In Sci-Fi News, JC and Rita discuss David Duchovny’s desire to have a 3rd X-Files movie, President Obama’s sci-fi flub and they review this week’s episode of the the Walking Dead – “Clear”.

In Who News, JC ponders – did Steven Moffat inadvertently give away Matt Smith’s eleventh doctor regeneration in the series 7 finale? Plus, John Barrowman admits to being contacted about bringing Captain Jack back for the 50th anniversary.

We also talk Ice Warriors!

All that plus JC and Rita BLOOPERS!

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xfiles1In news that is certain to make ESO’s Howdy Mike Gordon very happy, IDW Publishing and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have announced a partnership for a series of works based on the television and movie franchise, The X-Files.
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Transmissions From Atlantis – Episode 11 – The One About Horror

It’s a frightfully good time on TFA this week as we focus on the horror aspect of the show. We open up with a discussion on the scariest shows on television (past and present). We give you our True Blood Episode 11 and season 5 review while looking forward to the season finale.  In News of the Weird, we tell you about Navajo Rangers who are living real life X-files investigators.

In our Retro Review we give you our take on Series One and Two of the U.K. version of the werewolf, vampire, ghost drama Being Human.

Our Doctor Who segment keeps the theme rolling as we talk about the scariest episodes of Nu Who and we also give you the low down on the premiere of Series 7.

We also get a quick Dragon*Con blip in there as well.

So, grab a loved one, turn down the lights, hide your eyes and prepare for chills as TFA goes spoooooky!

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Transmissions From Atlantis Episode 10 – The One About JC and Rita’s Bloopers and Dragon*Con

You thought you got rid of us didn’t you? No! We’re back for our double figures-sode Episode 10. After a one week hiatus to finish off our TFA Teaches You Who video project, we’re back in our crazy full effect for you, our beloved listeners.

First, in celebration of reaching a milestone that many startup podcasts never reach, we’re going to give you a quick peek behind the curtain and give you some stuff that you’d never hear in the final edited broadcast of the show. We’re also going to give you our thoughts on how it’s gone so far and where we see the show going in the future.

We’re going to give you the scoop on a steamy affair from two of the most well known actors from the legendary sci-fi show X-Files.

Mike Faber has beamed down from the mothership to give us the lowdown on the largest fan run Sci-Fi Con in America – Dragon*Con. Continue reading


If you are reading this site, and I’m pretty sure you are, it is safe to assume that sci-fi and fantasy are among your two favorite genres. Often lumped together, the genres have become blurred into an amalgam of pop culture–but as geeks, we know there is an important distinction between the super intelligent, pointy-eared elf and the super intelligent, pointy-eared Vulcan.

Science fiction (adj): : fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component.

Fantasy (adj): imaginative fiction featuring especially strange settings and grotesque characters

Thanks, Merriam-Webster, that helps. I think of science fiction as the opposite of historical fiction–instead of taking place in a world we knew, it takes place in a world we might know. It is fantastical, but grounded. It is plausible even when it is impossible, because it offers an explanation.

Merriam and/or Webster defines science as “the state of knowing.” In true sci-fi, we are not injected into a world where dragons appear among us, rather we learn how dinosaurs were cloned from DNA preserved inside a fossilized mosquito. Impossible, yet plausible. An other worldly creature is never written off as magic, it is literally from another world.

In an attempt the set the record straight, lets categorize some geek mainstays as either sci-fi or fantasy. This is in my subjective order from most sci-fi to least.

Star Trek. It takes place in the future. It takes place in space. It used many sci-fi tropes and invented many others. The inclusion of Scotty to clear up how warp speed and teleportation works, however vague helps the cause. And if TOS is sci-fi, the Next Generation is super sci-fi. They packed more jargon in that show than my college engineering class. Even characters that, for all intents and purposes, performed magic, like Q, were acceptable as aliens from another dimension.

Spiderman. A kid is bit by a radioactive spider and can climb up walls. It’s a stretch, and radiation is given way too many liberties in Marvel Comics, but with further exploration of genetic experiments among Spidey villains, it allows for the suspension of disbelief. Best of all, Peter Parker actually knows and likes science. It’s always good to have a narrator who knows what the hell is going on.

X-Files. The Mulder/Scully dynamic allowed for an exploration of the plausibility of every paranormal critter they encountered. Mulder was always right, which made for better TV but worse science. The recurring alien story line was complete sci-fi, the rest was a fictional miscellany.

Star Wars. It takes place in the future a long time ago. It takes place in space. The politics, creatures, and blasters all scream sci-fi, but the central plot point makes the films largely fantasy for me. The Force is part religion part magic, the closest it ever came to science fiction is the universally hated scene when midi-chlorians were brought up. True sci-fi requires a plausible explanation…and at least that was an explanation.

Superman. Although he began his run as a solid sci-fi character, he has since contributed to the genre blurring mentioned earlier. Action Comics #1 established him as an alien who could “leap tall buildings in a single bound” and equated his strength to earthly marvels like an ant that can lift twenty times its own weight. However, as his powers grew there was no further explanation. Flight? Heat vision? Arctic breath? I know Captain Marvel is branded as the magical Superman, but the lack of plausibility makes Supes himself almost as much a fantasy. That said, much of his rogues gallery used science brilliantly as a basis for super-villainy.

LOST. The symbolism of Jack’s “man of science” and Locke’s “man of faith” is the perfect parallel to how the show toed the line between sci-fi and fantasy. Jack desperately wanted to make sense of the island, he wanted this to be a sci-fi show, but Locke knew better. For every reference to time travel and electromagnetism, there was a smoke monster and ghost. The show’s final season is notorious for introducing a lot and explaining little. Until Faraday’s notebook makes sense of it all, this show is mostly fantasy.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clark brings us home. Science fiction and fantasy are two extremes on a spectrum of technology vs. magic. Knowledge vs. imagination. Science vs. faith. You can prefer one, the other, or embrace the spectrum and celebrate sci-fantasy.

Chris Carter teases by not telling what new TV project is about

Mum is the word on new project for Chris CarterBy Don Kaye, Source:

The man who created The X-Files is coming back to television—and, not surprisingly, little is known about his new project.

The proposed show is called Unique, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and it is described as a “mystery police thriller” with a female lead character. But—and this is what grabbed us—the series is also said to have a supernatural element.

What exactly does that mean? No one knows for sure, and Carter isn’t talking, although he is slated to write and executive-produce the show if it gets picked up. Continue reading

Dana Scully believes X-Files 3 feature may materialize in 2012

X-files 3, very possibleBy Jeff Spry, Source:

The truth is out there – but does anyone truly care? Actress Gillian Anderson claims a new X-Files movie is on the horizon. Trouble is, are there any hardcore conspiracy fanatics from the spooky series left to justify a third outing?

In a recent interview with Australian television personality, Kylie Speer, Agent Scully herself revealed classified info on the project’s pre-production status during a taping of the Aussie breakfast show, Sunrise, even giving it a release date sometime next year. Continue reading