Nazi scientists hoped to breed an army of talking dogs

But it's a talking dog!!“Nazis. I hate those guys.” We agree with you wholeheartedly there, Indiana Jones. Intense hatred aside, we know they weren’t shy when it came to scientific research. UFOs and orbital death rays? Yup, they were working on it. They had other projects, too. And one stands out as more bizarre than some others.

The Nazis wanted to turn man’s best friend into Nazi Germany’s worst enemy, by creating a super-soldier dog that could talk.

According to Time magazine, Jan Bondeson, author of Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities described:

An Airedale terrier named Rolf became a mythic figure of the project after teachers said he could spell by tapping his paw on a board (the number of taps represented the various letters of the alphabet). With that skill in hand, he mused on religion, learned foreign languages and even asked a noblewoman, “Can you wag your tail?” Perhaps most outlandish is the claim by his German masters that he asked to serve in the German army because he disliked the French. Another mutt barked “Mein Fuhrer” when asked to describe Hitler. And Don, a German pointer, is said to have imitated a human voice to bark, “Hungry! Give me cakes!” in German.

Did Winston Churchill Hide a UFO Report?

Did Winston Churchill know abot UFO's

Think back to series 5, the Daleks and Churchill, with a Dalek saucer ship in orbit around the earth, well…

According to allegations contained in newly published secret government documents , Churchill became concerned over the morale-sapping influence of extraterrestrial invaders in the latter years of World War II.

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