Chinese scientists say they’re close to building a real transporter

Chineese close to devloping a teleporterBy Matthew Jackson, Source:

We all love our Star Trek transporter toys, but we all know what we really want to do is step into the full-size model and shout “energize!” just before our bodies become light and then re-make themselves in another place. Sadly, it’s still out of reach, but scientists in China say they’ve just moved us one step closer.

Now before you freak out and think that we’re on the verge of moving ourselves through thin air, understand the teleportation we’re talking about here isn’t that sophisticated. What we’re talking about is known as “quantum teleportation,” a method of transporting a unit of light (or photon) from one place to another using lasers and optics. It’s also important to note that the process doesn’t actually move the photon from place to place, but rather gets another distant photon to mirror the information in the original to create a duplicate. Continue reading