Earth Station Who Ep 38 – Nightmare in Silver

Earth Station Who Ep 38Resistance may be futile, but this episode has been met with more than its share of it. Mike, Mike, Phantom Troublemaker, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, and Beth Vandusen match wits with Neil Gaiman, Steven Moffat, and Mr. Clever and try to make sense of the penultimate episode of series seven. Perhaps the ESW crew just needs to be upgraded.

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Doctor Who Confidential axed by BBC

Confidential is fading into the Pastby Patrick Foster, Source: The Guardian

The BBC is to axe Doctor Who Confidential, the BBC3 spin-off from its sci-fi drama, as part of the corporation’s ongoing cuts programme.

Doctor Who Confidential, which features behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Doctor Who as well as interviews with the cast and crew, has aired in an early evening slot on BBC3 since 2005, when the corporation revived the main series with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Time Lord.

However, with the corporation facing budget cuts of up to 20% across its output as part of its Delivering Quality First initiative, BBC controller Zai Bennett has chosen to axe the show at the end of its current series. Continue reading

Erth Station One Episode 15 – Now that Doctor Who’s Over, What Are We Going To Talk About?

Erth Station One Episode 15 - Now That Doctor Who is Done, Now What Are We Going To Talk About?

It’s time for us to say our found farewells to the new season of Doctor Who as the Doctor, Amy and Rory sail off till Christmas, and new adventures. In this 15th episode of the ESO Podcast Mike and Dan are joined by Rich Morris, John Rabon and Sci-Fi Amy to discuss all the fun that was Doctor Who series 5. Find out what we thought was good, what was bad, if Stephen Moffat succeeded in bringing his vision to Doctor Who and find out why Bow Ties are cool.

Erth Station One Episode 15 – Doctor Who’s Over, Now What Are We Going To Talk About?

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