New Mini-Miniseries Coming For Doctor Who DVD And Blu-Ray

Doctor Who Series 6 Box Set is coming to light!!by Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding

There’s a new Doctor Who miniseries coming our way in November. And by mini, I mean mini.

Written by Steven Moffat especially for the full-series DVD and Blu-ray box sets of this year’s episodes, the five epsisodes of Night and the Doctor aren’t likely to run more than fifteen minutes between them (in fact, we may be lucky if they last ten).

But if the disc-exclusive minisodes in last year’s release are anything to go by, these will be a whole lot of fun.

And whereas last year’s minisodes were just sketches that could have been sandwiched between full episodes, it looks like the five-part Night and the Doctor will have a complete, coherent story of its own – why else be split into five parts?

And it will certainly have it’s own episode of Doctor Who Confidential, A Night’s Tale. Continue reading