Lawyers force Russell T Davies to change the name of Aliens vs. Wizards

Russell T forced to chagne name of new showBy Nathalie Caron, Source:

Lawyers are scary. Remember that upcoming new Russell T Davies series we told you about earlier this year? You know, the one titled Aliens vs. Wizards that’s going to have aliens and wizards in it? Well, it ain’t gonna happen anymore: at least, not exactly like that. See, Davies got a phone call from one of those scary lawyers …

So he had to switch the title around to … Wizards vs. Aliens, Davies revealed in a radio interview. Continue reading


Doctor Who‘s Russell T. Davies has found his next project. Variety reports that the screenwriter is taking on Aliens vs. Wizards, with the help of BBC and FremantleMedia Enterprises. The story “depicts the clash between young wizard, Tom Clarke, and aggressive aliens, the Nekross.” The 12-part series was created by Davies and Phil Ford, who also worked on Doctor Who. BBC Wales is producing along with FME’s Kids and Family Entertainment division. FME is working to increase its number of children’s shows and is overseeing distribution of Aliens vs. Wizards in all territories apart from the U.K.

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Sarah Jane Team To Work On Russell T Davies’ New Kids Show, Aliens Vs Wizards

Sarah Jane Team To Work On Russell T Davies New Seriesby Rich Johnston , Source:

“It’s Doctor Who meets Harry Potter”

And with those golden words, the BBC has signed up to a new Russell T Davies TV show, Aliens Vs Wizards for their children’s CBBC channel, something he has previously described as a “small committment”.

Revealed by his agent’s website, he is also listed as creating the show with Doctor Who writer and Sarah Jane Adventures head writer Phil Ford. Continue reading

Russell T Davies Drama Series ‘Cucumber’ In Development At Showtime

Russell T is at it again!!By THE DEADLINE TEAM,

Russell T Davies, who created the Showtime series Queer As Folk, is back at the premium cable network with a new drama series in development there titled Cucumber. Details about the plot have been hard to come by, but it does revolve around gay men, as did Folk. There are plenty of development projects at the network, of course, but when one is from the creator of one of Showtime’s most successful original series (based on Davies’ UK version), it’s a good bet it’s getting a hard look. BBC Worldwide Productions is producing. Davies, who wrote the script, is also the writer and creator of Torchwood: Miracle Day, the BBC Worldwide Productions series that premieres on Starz this Friday.

Torchwood’s July Premier!

Are we ready for the new torchwood

Great news on the scheduling front today – Torchwood Series 4 (known now as Miracle Day) will air in the USA on the Starz network in July, kicking off on 07.08.11 (note to people in the UK: that’s July 8th, not August 7th).

All you need to know that the premier date is sewn up in the USA, so let’s hope that this show – which has done quite a bit of filming in Wales over the past few months as well as further afield – turns up around the same time in the UK. While it might be nice for Starz to get a bit of a head start as they’re the new home network for the show, it did start over here, right?

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Torchwood’s Russell T. Davies says he’s almost done with sci-fi

Russell is walking away from sci-fi?

We’re eternally grateful to Russell T. Davies for reviving Doctor Who in 2005, as well as for creating the spin-off series, Torchwood. But sadly, Davies, one of our favorite sci-fi television writers, has announced that it’s about time for him step away from space battles and alien invasions in favor of something more mundane.

Davies told the BBC:

It’s interesting to see how long I can stay in a science fiction world. Personally I think I’m coming to the end of it now, and I’ve saved the world and blown up the world too many times. …

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‘Torchwood’ gets new title: ‘The New World’

Torchwood: The New WorldTorchwood: The New Wolrd

News sources at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Press Tour are reporting that the forthcoming fourth series of Torchwood will carry the title Torchwood: The New World. A post from The Hollywood Reporter gives details of the series’ new characters and quotes from Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, Read the Story Here.

Restarting Torchwood Series 4

Torchwood is going to be much much darker

The SFX website has spoken to Russell T Davies recently regarding the new series of Torchwood, due to air in 2011, and how the series continues from Children of Earth.

Russell doesn’t reveal all that much in terms of spoilers but commented on the new way that the series would be developed and made with one of the big changes being a “writer’s room.”

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