Art: George Sellas

Friend of the Station, author Barry Reese has announced the creative line up of writers contributing stories to Tales of The Rook Volume Two, coming soon from Pro Se Press. The list also includes friends of ESO.

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Cover Art: Bob Hall

Friend of the Station, publisher Pro Se Productions has released Tales of The Rook and shared the following press release and images with ESO. This new anthology features new stories featuring Friend of the Station, Barry Reese’s character, The Rook in action-packed adventures by some of New Pulp’s best, including ESO co-host Bobby Nash. Continue reading


Friend of the Show, Barry Reese released a press release at today about an upcoming prose anthology book featuring his fan-favorite creation, The Rook. One of those contributor names might appear familiar to Earth Station One listeners.

Pro Se Press and Reese Unlimited are proud to announce TALES OF THE ROOK, a special anthology project that will bring together many of New Pulp’s finest! The Rook has become one of New Pulp’s most popular characters and has starred in six volumes so far, with more on the way. Tales of the Rook will allow other writers to tackle the character and his world, many of whom will be doing so for the very first time. 

Confirmed for the book are:
* Mike Bullock
* Perry Constantine
* Michael Edwards
* Ron Fortier
* Tommy Hancock
* Bobby Nash

In addition, Rook creator Barry Reese will also be contributing a brand new tale!
All stories will be set in the official Rook canon and several stories will feature cameo appearances by other New Pulp heroes.

“I’m both amazed and honored to have creators of this caliber doing stories featuring The Rook. I can easily predict that a wonderful time will be had by all who read this book,” Reese said.

TALES OF THE ROOK is expected to take flight in 2012.