Artist who won big for Superman’s creators now going after Marvel

By Matthew Jackson, Source:

Neal Adams is an award-winning comic book artist who’s penciled everyone from Batman to the X-Men. He’s also a tireless advocate for the rights of comics creators who helped Superman co-creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster win eternal credit for their character back in the ’70s. These days he’s trying to get Marvel Comics to turn over the same kind of credit to another comics icon: Jack Kirby. Continue reading

BATMAN Alumni Still Say “He’s The Greatest Hero We Have”

Still A Fanboy at Heart

Want to see some of DC’s most respected writers and artists turn into excited fanboys? Just get them talking about Batman.

That was the scene on Sunday at Dragon*Con’s Dark Knight panel, where a standing room-only crowd gathered to hear Neal Adams, Paul Dini, Tim Sale and Brian Stelfreeze discuss all things Bruce Wayne, including their individual contributions to the Bat-canon. The event also became an informal tribute to DC elder statesman Adams, whose seminal Batman work inspired his fellow panelists.

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