Nathan Fillion teases ‘Firefly': Could Netflix bring it back?

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While perusing Nathan Fillion‘s Twitter feed, as any woman in her right mind is wont to do, we came across a particular Tweet that is making geek hearts explode all over the internet. It read, “Hmm Hmmmmm HMMMMMM”  That magical link takes you to a blog by comic book writer (and all around cool guy) Marc Bernardin called, “Could Netflix Bring Firefly Back From the Dead?”

Oh my dear and fluffy lord, would that it were true! (And yes, that is from “Serenity,” the film that is essentially the second season of “Firefly.”) Bernardin suggests in his article that Netflix, which has resurrected “Arrested Development” and plans to make more episodes, might be able to do the same for “Firefly.”

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