TV review: CBS’ ‘Elementary’ can’t quite escape from ‘Sherlock’s’ shadow

By Ashley Bergner/Box Office Buzz

I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical about CBS’ modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes. The show, which is called “Elementary,” premiered last night and features Holmes as an ex-Scotland Yard consultant who’s living in New York City. Regardless of what CBS officials might say, it’s clear this show is (right or wrong) an attempt to take advantage of the famous literary detective’s recent spike in popularity. The concept of CBS’ show is fairly similar to the BBC’s “Sherlock,” which is set in modern-day London and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes.

As an avid fan of “Sherlock,” I was afraid “Elementary” was simply an attempt to “Americanize” the BBC show. Still, I tried watch “Elementary’s” pilot as objectively as possible and judge it based on its own merits. However, I have to confess the pilot fell just a little bit flat for me. It’s different enough from “Sherlock” that it unfortunately doesn’t share the BBC show’s strengths, and yet it’s similar enough that it can’t escape from “Sherlock’s” shadow. Continue reading

Earth Station Who Episode 17: The Power of Three

Earth Station Who Episode 17: The Power of ThreeLive from the Phantom’s Lair! Mike, Mike and Bobby are taken blindfolded to a secret location to watch the fourth episode of series seven, along with Friends of the Station Keith Castelan and Rebecca Perry. The penultimate chapter of The Doctor’s “Pond Period” polarizes the ESW players! Much thanks to our co-host with the most (toys) – it was a great evening!
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Earth Station Who Episode 16: A Town Called Mercy

Earth Station Who Episode 16: A Town Called MercyA fistful of doctors! In the third episode of the seventh series, The Doctor and his companions end up in the Wild West and are very nearly upstaged by Ben Browder! Mike, Mike, Bobby, Dave and MaryLouWho cowboy up to discuss the middle chapter in this all-too-short five episode run.
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Review: Second season of BBC ‘Sherlock’ a suspenseful, smartly-written masterpiece

By Ashley Bergner
Box Office Buzz

The greatest actors don’t just pretend to be a character — they actually become that character, so perfectly embodying a fictional persona that their performance transcends mere acting. And that’s exactly the kind of performance given by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC’s smartly-written, modern update of the famous Sherlock Holmes detective stories.

Cumberbatch truly is Sherlock Holmes, and he was a delight to watch in the first season of the BBC’s “Sherlock.” And the good news for fans is, the second season of the show (which just finished airing on PBS) also is excellent.

“Sherlock” takes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective and transplants him to modern-day London. Cumberbatch’s Holmes serves as a “consulting detective,” aided by his friend Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), who also blogs about Holmes’ adventures. The second season of the show updates several of Doyle’s most famous detective tales, having Holmes cross paths with the elusive femme fatale Irene Adler, investigate the “hounds of Baskerville,” and puzzle over Moriarty’s “final problem.” Continue reading

Doctor Who to Release Mini-Episode Next Week

Written by: Sam McPherson at TV Rage.

Matt Smith as The Doctor

May 17th, 2012, 1:59 pm

Doctor Who will be returning to television next week. A mini-episode, based upon the winning entry for this year’s Script to Screen competition, will air Thursday in the UK during the CBBC channel series Blue Peter at 5:45pm.

Script to Screen is a competition in which primary school children aged 9 to 11 years old write and submit scripts. The winning entry each year is adapted into a mini-episode. Last year’s episode was the zany outing “Death is the Only Answer,” which saw saw Albert Einstein mysteriously appear in the TARDIS before being transformed into an Ood and back. It wasn’t exactly “Blink,” but it was a fun outing nonetheless.

Thursday’s mini-episode has a bit of a current topic: it’s based around the 2012 Olympics (which are taking place in London). Matt Smith will appear as the Doctor, though it’s unknown who else (if anyone else) will feature into the episode.

Doctor Who has previously featured the Olympic Games in the second series episode “Fear Her,” which saw the Doctor (then played by David Tennant) visit the then-future 2012 Olympic Games and light the Olympic Torch. “Fear Her” is widely considered as one of revived series’ worst episodes. Perhaps these primary schoolers can save the Olympics for the Doctor.

Doctor Who will not return as a series proper until August, when its seventh season premieres. The series will be the final one to feature Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as the Doctor’s companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams; Gillan and Darvill wrapped filming earlier this week.

You can check out the last mini-episode, “Death is the Only Answer,” here.

Mark Gatiss Gives Up Some Details Of The First Episode Of Sherlock Season 3

Sherlock Series 3 will be....
by Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding Cool

It probably didn’t take too much to guess which story would form the basis of the next episode of Sherlock. The last chapter saw Holmes fake his death, and the next one will see him return, and that all points to an adaptation of The Adventure of the Empty House, the story wherein Conan Doyle gave his explanation of what went down. Continue reading

Shaun of the Dead meets Walking Dead in new BBC zombie series

Shaun of the Dead meets The Walking Dead By Nathalie Caron, Source:

Everyone knows that zombies are the new vamps right now—even the BBC, which has just announced it’s also making a brand-new zombie drama series called In the Flesh that looks like it’ll mix some good ol’ Shaun of the Dead fun with some Walking Dead horror and drama.

The upcoming three-part, 90-minutes-each drama series will air on BBC Three, which also happens to be Being Human’s home — you know, the little show that has a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together? The one that also spawned a successful U.S. adaptation? You know what we’re talking about. Continue reading

Joss Whedon says that Giles-centric Buffy spinoff ain’t dead yet

Giles spinoff still in the worksBy Matthew Jackson, Source:

There’s been so much Avengers this and Cabin in the Woods that lately that it’s easy to forget how many other potential projects Joss Whedon is still juggling. There’s that cool web series he wants to do with Warren Ellis, the inevitable return of Dr. Horrible , and then there’s that long-dormant Buffy spinoff starring everyone’s favorite badass librarian.

Whedon’s been talking about a spinoff starring Buffy’s mentor and teacher Rupert Giles (played by Anthony Stewart Head) since back in 2001. The project would be called Ripper—a nickname taken from Giles’ early days as an occultist bad boy—and would focus on Giles alone in England, struggling with loneliness and getting into ghostly adventures. Continue reading

BBC renews ‘Being Human’ for a fifth season

Being Human is coming back for a 5th Season, thanks BBCby Aubry D’Arminio, Source:

The BBC and BBC America are conjuring up another season of Being Human for 2013. The show — which hinges on a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together — lost two of its original leads following season 3, leaving only ghost Lenora Crichlow. But promoting frequent guest werewolf Michael Socha (This is England) to the main cast and adding unknown Damien Molony as the new vampire turned out to be less of a Hail Mary than a successful reboot. Continue reading