Earth Station Who Episode 57 – The Mind Robber

Earth Station Who Ep 57While they anxiously await “The Time of The Doctor,” the ESW crew decides to take their minds off the impending departure of Matt Smith by taking a trip fantastic with the Second Doctor! Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and guest Nathan Laws encounter a different kind of Master, white robots, unicorns, minotaurs, sword fighters, and a gentlemanly Gulliver. We see a different face for Jamie and notice a different side of Zoe. Gather round, all you Karkusmaniacs!  It’s time to play “Who’s your birth Doctor?”

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RevolutionSF Podcast: The Quest for Missing Doctor Who Episodes

They were thought to be lost forever in the Time Vortex, but classic episodes of everyone’s favorite Mad Man with a Box have been discovered! Just in time for his 50th anniversary, nine parts of the Second Doctor’s run are returned to us!

To discuss this news, RevNews host Gary Mitchel has crossed timelines with expert Whovians Nathan Laws and Mike Gordon to go over how the episodes were lost, found, and the importance of their recovery in Doctor Who history.

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The second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.

The second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.

Grumpy Doctor is Grumpy.

Earth Station Who Episode 4: The War Games

Earth Station Who Episode 4: The War GamesThe 50th story in the franchise is a marathon, not a sprint, to the finish of the Patrick Troughton era. Mike, Mike, and Dave enlist in The War Games with some assistance from “The Ten Doctors” cartoonist, Rich Morris. As we say goodbye to The Second Doctor, we say “Howdy!” to the Time Lords and some other important elements that would shape the DWU for years to come. Continue reading

Earth Station Who Episode 3: Power of the Daleks

The Power of the DaleksThe Doctor is dead! Long live The Doctor! Patrick Troughton makes his debut as the mysterious Timelord and faces a familiar enemy in The Power of the Daleks. Mike, Mike, and Dave are once again joined by Articles of the Shadow Proclamation cohost, Scott Viguie, as they review one of the most essential storylines of the franchise – too bad no one can watch it! Continue reading