4 thoughts on “P1040991

      • Indeed it was. Steampunk Captain Marvel. The idea was to make it a bit of an Elseworlds revisioning. Rather than gaining powers from magic, the acronym is instead used as password to grant Cpt. William Batson the ability to use state of the art technology:
        Doctor Solomon’s Amazing Wise-Array Goggles,
        Herculinium Bracers of Strength Enhancement,
        the Atlantean Belt of Supreme Stamina,
        Prof. Otto von Zeus’ Lightning Gun,
        Achilles XXX Brand Whiskey “Courage in a Bottle”, and
        Mercury Co.’s Experimental Jet Pack.

        Most all of my gadgets you got in the picture. The bottle on the belt had the whiskey label printed on it, and you can sort of make out the Canned Lightning label on the gun (and top of the pack is in the shot as well).

        My wife is working on a Steampunk Power Girl. Before long, we may have a whole Steampunk JSA roster by next Dragon*Con (or Her Royal Majesty’s Society of Justice if you will).

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