Earth Station Who Episode 58 – The Time of the Doctor

Earth Station Who Ep 58On Christmas Day 2013, the Eleventh Doctor’s time was up! Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and guest Josh Wilson sort through their first impressions of the 800th episode of the franchise. Did Moffat and co give us the Christmas present we wished for most, or did we find coal in our stockings? No matter how we felt, it is going to be a long wait until August 2014 when the Peter Capaldi era begins!

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One thought on “Earth Station Who Episode 58 – The Time of the Doctor

  1. Hi, gang! First time listening to your podcast (found you via the DWPNA page). I enjoyed your discussion, even though I liked the Christmas special more than you seemed to.

    You lifted up something that struck me as worthy of close attention, too: the weirdness (and, I admit, it is weird) of the Church of the Papal Mainframe. On the Church, I think Moffat is constructing a satire of the church/religion in general’s pretensions to assuming more power than it should have, and its abuse of human sexuality. (I wrote at some length about this on a blog I contribute to, The Sci-Fi Christian, if you are interested: It’s still odd, no question – but I think there’s a point to it all.

    Re: what would be at stake in another Time War – not just the planet Trenzalore (which, as you point out, the Daleks are already destroying), but all of time and space burning.

    Re: Gallifrey – I think there could very well still be a season (or more) worth of quest to find it, since (a) the “scar tissue” crack is now closed (or at least can only be opened from the other side); and (b) wasn’t it stated, in “Flesh and Stone,” that the Doctor couldn’t go through the crack (at least in that version of it) without some really wild consequences? So presumably the Doctor would have to find some other way to Gallifrey, even if it is just on the other side of the (now closed?) crack.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your conversation, and look forward to listening to more!

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