White Rocket 019: War/Action Movies of Alistair McLean!

This week the White Rocket show takes you from Navarone to Drift Ice Station Zebra to the Schloss Adler and back to Navarone, as noted film critic and author Mark Bousquet returns for a special extended edition to discuss four classic war/action films based on the writings of Alistair McLean:  THE GUNS OF NAVARONE, ICE STATION ZEBRA, WHERE EAGLES DARE, and FORCE 10 FROM NAVARONE!


So pack your dynamite and your Nazi disguise, because we have a mission to carry out and not everyone’s coming back alive!

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2 thoughts on “White Rocket 019: War/Action Movies of Alistair McLean!

  1. Reblogged this on Atomic Anxiety and commented:

    Check out the most recent WHITE ROCKET PODCAST featuring me and Van Allen Plexico discussing four of the Alistair MacLean movies: GUNS OF NAVARONE, ICE STATION ZEBRA, WHERE EAGLES DARE, and FORCE 10 FROM NAVARONE.

  2. That was a fun podcast! Thank you for linking to it. I had been looking forward to it since you mentioned it upcoming.

    My parents introduced my sister and I to “Where Eagles Dare” when we were kids in the 70’s, so it’s interesting to hear the take of someone who has NOT seen the movie 100 times. It’s the only one of the four films reviewed that I love, although I do like “The Guns of Navarone,” it’s just slow going next to “Where Eagles Dare” for me. “Where Eagles Dare” (and Alistair MacLean) are directly responsible for me becoming a writer. The books are quite different (except for Where Eagles Dare), right down to nationalities of characters. In the books, Miller is American, Mallory is a New Zealander. And Andrea is back in “Force 10,” and Harrison Ford’s character isn’t in the book at all! “Ice Station Zebra” is substantially different as well, and, I think, as I read the book before I saw the film, I never could deal with the film version. It’s plot, particularly the conclusion, seemed so silly next to the book. But it’s been ages. I may have to give it another try nowadays after listening to the podcast and enthusiasm for it!

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