Transmissions From Atlantis – Episode 17 – The One About the Walking Dead and the Death of Rose Tyler

After fully recovering from our Pond mourning, we are back at it with another action packed episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. This week, we discuss why George R.R. Martin’s flashbacks aren’t in the Game of Thrones series. We let you know about Chris Carter’s return to television, the latest on American Horror Story and a big time screen legend who is joining the True Blood cast.  We give you our thoughts on Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem trailer plus some big news from the creator of the Walking Dead. And speaking of our favorite zombies – in Rita’s Reading Review we give you a comparison of the Walking Dead graphic novel and the television series.

In our retro review we give our full review of the Indiana Jones Blu-Ray box set.

If that doesn’t beat all – we still have our Doctor Who segment where we talk about Steven Moffatt’s alternate endings to the Angels Take Manhattan, which Weeping Angels story is the best and reveal the title for the opener of Series 7 part 2. Oh and we tell you what we mean by the death of Rose Tyler…its not what you think.

Join us for another fun-filled episode of TFA!

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2:01 – Opening

Sci-Fi News

4:55 Game of Thrones – Why all the flashbacks aren’t in the books.

11:16- Chris Carter, creator of X-Files, has a new Sci-Fi series

Horror News
15:28- American Horror Story’s return

18:57 – A Screen Legend comes to True Blood

21:33 – Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem gets a trailer

23:01 – Robert Kirkman creator of the Walking Dead

Rita Reading Review
26:21 – The Walking Dead Graphic Novels Books 1-3 vs. The Series

Retro Review
38:08- Indiana Jones Quadrology

Doctor Who
47:40 – Moffatt Reveals the possible alternate endings to the Ponds

52:29 – The Death of Rose Tyler….What are they talking about?

54:28 – The Two Doctors & Rose

56:39 – Best Weeping Angels Story so far?

1:05:43 – Series 7 Part 2 Opener Revealed?

1:08:12 – Closing

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