The Walking Dead’s Michonne in Playboy Magazine


The master swordsman and tough-as-nails survivor from The Walking Dead comic series will be featured in  the newest issue of Playboy, but not how you think! Not a centerfold, but a 6-page orgin story by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.

Here’s the full press release:


Playboy and Robert Kirkman, writer of both the comic and TV showThe Walking Dead, have teamed up to exclusively introduce the origins of comic book fan favorite Michonne, in the April issue of Playboy (on newsstands and on Friday, March 16).  Illustrated by Charlie Adlard, artist for Skybound/Image’s The Walking Dead, the story features brilliant art to accompany the never-before-seen mystery that explores how the iconic and sexy Michonne discovered her impressive skills as a master swordswoman and became the most admired and beloved survivor. Continue reading

Nathan Fillion suddenly made us want to see Percy Jackson 2

Percy Jacson Sea of Monsters has Nathon Fillion onboardBy Krystal Clark, Source:

It’s no secret that Fox 2000 is producing a sequel to Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. But we’re shocked to learn one of our favorite actors has joined the cast—Nathan Frakkin’ Fillion.

Fillion is a fanboy favorite, so this is a major grab for producers of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters . The actor will join returning stars Logan Lerman (Percy), Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth) and Brandon T. Jackson (Grover).
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Mass Effect 3 ending so controversial gamers demand a new ending

Mass Effect 3 ending is not liked by much fans
By Trent Moore, Source:

A vocal contingent of Mass Effect 3 video game fans did not like the ending for the final game in the trilogy. Admittedly, it’s not uncommon for fans to sometimes disagree with creative decisions in a popular series—but what they’re doing about it is where it gets interesting.

The game, which is a massive, sci-fi genre buster, was released earlier this month. The series has been running for several years, and is beloved by fans for its unique decision-making system that lets gamers craft the story around how they would react in a given situation. Continue reading

Y: The Last Man Movie Has Been Revived, Acquires New Writing Team

Y The Last Man, Coming to the big screen finally?by Hannah Shaw-Williams, Source: Bleeding Cool

New Line Cinema have long been working on a big screen adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra‘s comic book series Y: The Last Man, the dark and often funny story of a virus that wipes out every single male mammal on the planet – with the exception of amateur escape artist Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. As a world now consisting almost exclusively of X chromosomes attempts to rebuild itself, Yorick journeys across America attempting to find his girlfriend Beth, along the way avoiding the countless women who now want to either kill or mate with him.
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WTF? Teacher may lose job for reading ‘pornographic’ sci-fi

Ender's Game cost a teacher his jobBy Matthew Jackson, Source:

A lot of us have some pretty fond memories of hearing our teachers read aloud in class, but here’s at least one kid who wasn’t impressed. A middle school teacher in South Carolina is now under investigation for reading to his class from a sci-fi novel that a student and parent complained was “pornographic.” And here’s the kicker: the book in question has been read by middle school students everywhere for years.

So what piece of highly offensive, edgy reading material did this teacher read that caused a kid to get so testy? Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card’s Hugo and Nebula-winning 1985 novel that’s been a fixture in American schools for 25 years now. Continue reading