New Series Of Sherlock Gets Scheduled – For Shooting, At Least

Sherlock Scheduled for 2013, we thinkby Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding Cool,

The BBC’s in-house magazine Ariel recently went from online to print, but luckily it’s now open to people outside of Auntie’s club, and we can all have a snoop.

This morning they published a key quote from Beryl Vertue, producer of Sherlock, on the occasion of her address to the Nations and Regions Media conference in Salford. While she couldn’t yet give any kind of schedule for the next series hitting our screens, she did at least reveal when it will be filming. Continue reading

Wander Over Yonder Coming To TV – The New Project From Powerpuff Creator Craig McCracken

by Brendon Connelly, source:

Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, is about to make his long awaited return to TV. Wander Over Yonder was rather discreetly announced by Disney this week, a new animated comedy series for sometime in 2012-13.

The show’s lead character, Wander, made his debut on a T-shirt, patch and sketchbook that McCracken sold at conventions. The artist has been developing the show for a little while, and it was pretty smart of Disney to snap it up, I think. Continue reading

Former investigator accuses U.K. government of shredding UFO proof

Is the UK gov covering up UKBy Matthew Jackson, Source:

The odds of hearing a UFO coverup story that doesn’t involve David Duchovny or a certain cigarette-smoking man are pretty slim, but a former UFO investigator in the U.K. says it really happened in his government. In fact, he says the “most compelling” UFO evidence he’d ever seen didn’t just vanish. It was destroyed.

Nick Pope served in the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence for 21 years, including four years in the early ’90s heading up the MoD’s UFO project. It was during those years of alien investigation that he discovered “easily the most compelling UFO photo I’ve ever seen in my life.” Continue reading

The Dark Tower is the movie (and TV show?) that refuses to die

Dark Tower might still be madeBy Don Kaye, Source:

It’s been kind of quiet on the Dark Tower scene in recent months, leading to speculation that the mammoth project had fallen into development hell. But now there are signs that Roland the last gunslinger might be coming to a theater near you after all.

When we left off, Universal Pictures had nixed the idea of adapting Stephen King’s mammoth, seven-book (soon to be eight-book) fantasy/sci-fi hybrid as three movies and two linking TV series, claiming that the project was just too expensive. Although the filmmakers involved, including director Ron Howard, vowed to press on and find a home for the project, Howard himself said back in November that it might be a long time before The Dark Tower finally went into production—if at all.
Continue reading