With 2 weeks to go, here’s what Disney’s doing to save John Carter

John Carter Movie already in troubleBy Matthew Jackson, Source: Blaster.com

With just two weeks to go until its March 9 premiere, Disney’s $250 million John Carter is in trouble. Tracking shows low interest and little awareness, trailers don’t make much sense to people who don’t already know the story, and time is running out. But Disney isn’t about to just let all that money and talent go down the drain, so how can they rescue their Martian epic?

If you know the source material, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic A Princess of Mars, you’ve probably already made up your mind about whether you’re seeing the flick. That means you’re not Disney’s problem. Disney’s problem is the millions of up-for-grabs moviegoers who either don’t know what the flick is or just don’t care. This late in the game, the flick needs much more buzz than it has, and Disney’s trying to make up some serious ground.

But how did things get this bad in this first place? How does a film this massive get in such a marketing mess? Continue reading