Historical president to show off martial arts and vampire-slaying skills in this summer’s ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

Abraham Lincoln is remembered as one of our nation’s most respected presidents, the emancipator of slaves and … a slayer of vampires?

This summer, the famous president is being re-imagined as a vampire hunter in the historical/horror mash-up “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” based on a novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, who also wrote the popular literary/horror mash-up “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

The film will be released on June 22 and will be produced by Tim Burton. According to the Internet Movie Database, the plot revolves around President Lincoln as he goes on a quest to eliminate vampires who are plotting to take over the United States. The movie stars Benjamin Walker as the vampire-slaying president, and Dominic Cooper as repentant vampire Henry Sturges.

Although Entertainment Weekly magazine reports the film will be taking “its Civil War-era history seriously,” viewers can anticipate the film makers also will be taking a little creative license with the period. Continue reading

Valve: we might consider building hardware in the future

Could Valve be creating it's own game center?? Maybe?By Raymond Wong, Source: Dvice;

If you don’t know Valve, you don’t know gaming. Gabe Newell, CEO of the company responsible for hits like Half-Life 2 and Portal as well as the awesome Steam platform says that building its own hardware is something the company might consider. Is that disruption we smell?

Speaking in an interview with Penny Arcade’s Ben Kuchera, Newell provided the following insight:

Well, if we have to sell hardware we will. We have no reason to believe we’re any good at it, it’s more we think that we need to continue to have innovation and if the only way to get these kind of projects started is by us going and developing and selling the hardware directly then that’s what we’ll do. It’s definitely not the first thought that crosses our mind; we’d rather hardware people that are good at manufacturing and distributing hardware do that. We think it’s important enough that if that’s what we end up having to do then that’s what we end up having to do.

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Toy Fair 2012 Recap From Home

Hello, Earth Station One readers!

Let me preface my post here by introducing myself. I go by the name Phantom Troublemaker and do most of my writing over at Needless Things or on my Tumblr page, but the fellas here at ESO were kind (or foolish) enough to invite me to provide some content for you lucky folks.

I write about toys, movies, comics, music, or any other dorkery that interests me and I always try to keep things honest and maintain my own personal perspective. I love Doctor Who, Star Wars, GI Joe, and Batman; but if I think anything having to do with any of those is terrible I’m going to tell you all about it. At length. Also, I don’t restrain myself in my own environs, so be warned that your eyes may be assaulted by some colorful metaphors if you click on either of those above links. Stick to my ESO posts for the sanitized, mostly family-friendly versions.

I cover Toy Fair every year despite the fact that I do not attend. I’ll usually post the coolest stuff over on my Facebook page or on Twitter and then do a big recap at the end. Continue reading

From geeks, for geeks: website to plan your nerd adventures

Nerdy trips are here

By Eileen Marable, Source: DVICE

Sometimes it’s just not enough to see the major landmarks when you travel. In the back of your mind you know there is more out there — stuff that might be more interesting to you than your average bus tour. You want to see the gravesites of scientists, abandoned missile silos, museums of the macabre, observatories and much more.

Now you can plan these kinds of side trips for your upcoming vacation or business trip courtesy of the site Nerdy Day Trips.
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Grundy’s Web Pick of the Week: @badbanana

“Sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.” This is the super-short bio for @badbanana, the handle of the funniest man on Twitter and my Pick of the Week.

An optimist sees a zombie as half alive. A pessimist sees a zombie and says “yep, I knew this would happen.”

If you don’t get outside of Facebook much, you might not know about Twitter. Firstly, you should really get outside of Facebook more often. Secondly, Twitter is a service of posts no more than 140 characters. This limitation is perfect for boring status updates about last night’s pot roast or comedy gold about eye wear.

I wear glasses because I like to dramatically remove them to display anger. It was awkward doing that with contact lenses.

I had a really hard time deciding which @badbanana tweets to post as examples. Many comedians on Twitter experiment, posting “hit or miss” material–later using the “hits,” based on retweets and favorites, in their act. Big names like @JimGaffigan & @RobCorddry don’t test material, rather they find humourus ways to promote their appearances and comment on their personal life. @badbanana has no misses and promotes little. I could take any post at random and be confident that it is a representative slice of hilarity.

I sure buy a lot of alcohol. Hope I’m not a shopaholic.

The man behind the banana is Tim Siedell. Google him and you’ll find that Twitter is his claim to fame, but he is also one of my favorite writers for The Huffington Post. The nice thing about recommending a Twitter feed over the traditional websites I’ve picked thus far, is that you can consume that content as you wish. Follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook, or subscribe to him and his wit will come to you.

If you like what you see, follow me on Twitter as well. I pride myself on being a pale imitation.

Disclaimer: Any opinions presented in this Pick of the Week are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the ESO Crew. Comedy is subjective so if you or any members of your family do not find @badbanana funny, that does not mean that you lack any sense of humor. You just lack a good sense of humor.