Which Lost star will start fighting aliens on S2 of Falling Skies?

Terry O' Quinn Joining Falling SkiesBy Krystal Clark, Source: Blastr.com

Guess who’s joining the resistance? The cast of Falling Skies is about to get help from a Lost favorite. Who needs machine guns and ammo, when you have John Locke and his trusty knife?

According to EW, Terry O’Quinn has snagged a guest spot on TNT’s Falling Skies. O’Quinn is set to appear in the final two episodes of the second season. The actor will play “a former history professor and mentor to Tom Mason,” played by Noah Wyle. Continue reading

Look who’s replacing Bruce Campbell’s big chin in Evil Dead remake

Meet the new Ash, not like the old AshBy Trent Moore, Source: Blastr.com

There may not be an Ash in the upcoming Evil Dead remake, but the flick has booked the new male lead who will have to fill Bruce Campbell’s rather large shoes: Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood).

Fernandez likely won’t be the deadite-killer of the film, as the powers that be have already stated the new hero will be a female character this time around. But since Lily Collins (Abduction) dropped out, we don’t know exactly who that will be just yet. Continue reading

Keep hoping, Tom Savini! Those Walking Dead rumors were wrong

Tom Salvinori as the Govenor? MaybeBy Trent Moore, Source: Blastr.com

Tom Savini’s dream to play the ultimate Big Bad in AMC’s The Walking Dead (apart from the zombies, of course) just gained new life.

Just a few days after news leaked that actor John Hawkes (American Gangster, Identity) could be playing the ruthlessly cruel character the Governor on the hit zombie apocalypse series, the actor’s publicist, Karen Samfilippo, told The Wrap that “John is NOT appearing on The Walking Dead.” Continue reading

‘Back to the Future’ to be adapted for Broadway?

Marty and Doc to The Great White Way...By Tara Fowler, Source: Digital Spy

Back to the Future could be heading to Broadway.

The 1985 film, which featured Michael J Fox as a teenager sent back in time, could be adapted for the stage, according to Deadline.

Writer and director Robert Zemeckis is currently in negotiations to pen a stage version of the classic film. The 60-year-old would be joined by his writing partner Bob Gale and the movie’s composer Alan Silvestri. Continue reading

Remember that Munsters reboot? It won’t be called The Munsters

The Munsters is now going to be known as Mockingbird LaneBy Krystal Clark, Source: Blastr.com

NBC’s The Munsters is getting a makeover. The network has decided to scrap the show’s classic title in favor of something new. This isn’t your grandpa’s sitcom. They’re revamping the show from the inside out.

According to TV Line, the Munsters reboot will be called Mockingbird Lane. The new title is a nod to the family’s residence, which is located at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. On a side note, TV’s other gothic clan, the Addams Family, lived on Cemetery Lane. Do they have something against boulevards and avenues? Continue reading