It’s your turn to be a Time Lord in villain-packed Who videogame

Doctor Who new game coming soonBy Jeff Spry, Source:

Check out the first manic glimpse of the good Doctor and River Song dodging the Silence, Cybermen, Silurians and Daleks in this time-twisting teaser for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.

Developed as a totally new Who adventure, the Guildford-based designers at Supermassive Games worked directly with the show’s production team in Cardiff. The crazy trailer amps up the action and gives a decent feel for the game’s plot-based gameplay. Continue reading

How The Hobbit killed that Elfquest pic fans have been waiting for

Sorry Elf fans.. no movieBy Marc Bernardin, Source:

For a good long while, there has been talk of a feature film based on Wendy and Richard Pini’s Elfquest comics, which they’ve self-published since the ’70s. Warner Bros announced it was making one back in 2008. Four years later, it’s deader than Denethor. And you can blame Peter Jackson.

Well, sort of. See, Warner Bros. feels that three films with elves is one too many and, with the sure-to-be-a-massive-hit-twofer The Hobbit coming this December, they pulled the plug on Elfquest. Continue reading