Dredd’s creator hated the first film. But what about the reboot?

Judge Dredd, better then the original??By Matthew Jackson, Source: Blastr.com

Writer and co-creator of Judge Dredd John Wagner has never had very nice things to say about the 1995 film adaptation of his comic creation, but at least he gets another shot at a good flick when Dredd is released this year. He’s already said the film’s screenwriter is on the right track, but what does he think about the film overall?

In a new, and very rare, interview with Hero Complex, the 2000 AD writer, who still scripts Dredd’s adventures in futuristic law enforcement, once again said that he agrees with the narrow, more slice of life approach that screenwriter Alex Garland took for the reboot. But it turns out he’s also a fan of the cast, and of some of the things the new film avoids completely. Continue reading