1st look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s top-secret Looper time machine

Looper's time machineBy Krystal Clark, Source: Blastr.com;

Let’s start the new year off right—with time travel. Director Rian Johnson has given us a sneak peek at the time machine that appears in his latest film, Looper. Check it out and tell us what you think!

Looper is a sci-fi thriller that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. The film takes place in the near future and centers on a group of hitmen called—you guessed it—loopers. Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, one of the killers who works for the mob and helps them “dispose” of bodies. In the future, the mob uses time travel to send victims to the past (about 30 years), where loopers wait and eventually kill them. Continue reading

DC Comics’ New 52 Mystery Woman: Pandora

DC mystery woman has a name..by CBR News Team, Source: CBR.com

DC Comics has kicked off 2012 with a tantalizing tidbit for fans of the New 52. At the end of 2011’s “Flashpoint” crossover preceeding the linewide relaunch, a mysterious cloaked woman made an appearance, and subsequently showed up in every #1 Issue of DC’s New 52. Today, as a part of the publisher’s ongoing “DC Comics in 2012″ series of posts, DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras has announced via The Source the identity of the mysterious woman whose appearances thus far have teased fans, stymied readers and spawned countless forum posts.

“Her name is Pandora.” Continue reading