Brian K. Vaughan to Adapt King’s Under the Dome for Showtime

Under the Dome Coming to Showtime
by Kevin Melrose, Source: Comic Book Resources

Eisner-winning comics writer, and Lost alum, Brian K. Vaughan will adapt Stephen King’s 2009 novel Under the Dome for Showtime, Deadline reports.

Announced in late August, the DreamWorks-produced drama series is based on the sci-fi thriller about a picturesque town in Maine that is suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the world by an invisible force field. An ex-Army captain is trapped inside the town, where he teams with a handful of citizens, including three children, to oppose a politician attempting to seize power — and to discover the source of the Dome. Continue reading

Truck Full Of Valuable Comics, Stolen On Way To Wizard World Austin

Batman #4 among others stolenby Rich Johnston, Source: Bleeding

It’s one thing to have your truck stolen. It’s another when the contents of the truck are far more valauable than the truck itself. That’s what happened to Andy McMahon of Duncanville Book Store. His truck on its way to Wizard World Austin Comic Con loaded down with silver age and golden age comics, two hundred boxes of them, many slabbed at high CGC grades, was stolen during the night. Continue reading

Why Henry Cavill won’t watch any of those other Superman flicks

A new Superman for a new centuryBy Matthew Jackson, Source:

For better or worse, Henry Cavill is now part of an elite movie fraternity, one of the few men ever to don the cape and play the Man of Steel. But while prepping for his role in Zack Snyder’s Superman flick included a lot of training and a lot of reading, Cavill says it did not include going back and viewing the films of his fellow Supermen.

In an interview to promote Immortals, Cavill also spoke briefly on Man of Steel. Among a few other tidbits—like, for example, the news that he’s actually never met Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan—he also said that he didn’t want to go back and watch the Superman film work of Christopher Reeve, or even the TV work of people like Dean Cain: Continue reading