The DeLorean returns from the future as an electric car in 2013

Great Scott Marty, We Just Got Back From the FutureBy Raymond Wong, Source:

Doc Brown’s time traveling DeLorean will be gracing roads again in 2013. The DeLorean Motor Company is partnering with Epic EV to build an all-electric car that’ll be updated with necessities like an iPhone dock. Can’t cruise down the freeway in a DeLorean without blasting the Back to the Future theme, now can ya?

Externally, the DeLorean should remain largely unchanged. It’s said to be capable of maxing out at 125 miles per hour with 260 horsepower and cost about $90,000-100,000. Continue reading

GARY FRANK (& Geoff Johns) Try to Lift THE CURSE OF SHAZAM!

By Vaneta Rogers, Source:

The word was once a familiar American icon:


And DC Comics is hoping it will be again.

For the next phase of DC’s historic renumbering and reboot — which already spawned newer, younger versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman — the publisher is revamping its once hugely popular Captain Marvel property and his transforming shout of “Shazam!”

“Ours is a very modern Shazam,” said Gary Frank, who’s rebooting the property with superstar writer Geoff Johns. “As with the other characters [in DC's relaunch], there is a slight shift in emphasis here.” Continue reading

Surprise! Search for Twilight Zone director gets twist ending

Look Who's Directing the New Twilight Zone MovieBy Don Kaye, Source:

The new big-screen version of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone has found its director, and it’s not any of the filmmakers who were reportedly up for the job.

Deadline has revealed that Warner Bros. Pictures has chosen Matt Reeves to get behind the camera for The Twilight Zone. Reeves is known for his scary found-footage monster movie Cloverfield, as well as last year’s Let Me In, the effective remake of the brilliant Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In. Continue reading