Did Disney accidentally confirm a Doctor Strange movie will happen?

Doctor Strange is moving aheadBy Matthew Jackson, Source: Blastr.com

We’ve been waiting for a while now for Marvel to announce that a Doctor Strange movie will really happen, but it remains one of those films planted firmly in the “developing” category. Though the film’s future is still uncertain, Marvel owner Disney may have just provided a clue that the flick is closer than we think.

The clue comes not from a Disney executive or a major source inside Marvel, but from the Disney Music Group’s list of recent internet domain purchases. It turns out they just bought a lot of Marvel-related domains for movie soundtracks, and though almost all of them were for movies we know are happening, three stood out:

The only registration that relates to an unannounced project, but is known to be in the works, is that of Doctor Strange. These are the domain registrations recently made: avengers-soundtrack.com, avengersmusic.net, doctorstrangesoundtrack.com, marvel-music.com, marvel-music.net, marvelmusic.net, drstrangesoundtrack.com, drstrangesoundtrack.net, ironman3soundtrack.com, ironman3soundtrack.net, thor2soundtrack.com, thor2soundtrack.net.

Yes, it might just be Disney Music playing things safe in the event that a Sorcerer Supreme flick happens soon, but it certainly can’t be a bad sign. Disney did the same thing last year when they purchased a domain for an Ant-Man movie, and the Ant-Man flick certainly seems to be rolling forward.

Another good sign: Doctor Strange already has screenwriters, Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. Marvel hasn’t announced anything beyond a script phase, and we all know how quickly a script can shrivel and die, but Marvel has become a prolific movie machine these days. There are also still those two mystery slots Marvel has left open for movies in the summer of 2014, and though it now seems like those might be filled by Inhumans and Guardians of the Galaxy flicks, Doctor Strange may not be far behind.

So is this an encouraging sign that one of Marvel’s most distinguished heroes will get his own movie soon, or just corporate America sewing up a loose end?

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