ABC kills V, picks up Once Upon a Time and The River

Sorry V Fans, It's OverBummer! Guess we’re never going to know how V’s dramatic cliffhanger—in which Anna blissed out the human race—is going to turn out. In a flurry of programming activity, ABC canceled V, but picked up modern fairy tale Once Upon a Time and The River for their 2011-2012 television season.

In Once Upon a Time, House’s Jennifer Morrison stars as Emma, a woman with a troubled past, who is drawn to a small Maine town called Storybrooke by the son she gave up years before. Her son, Henry, is 10-years-old and believes in fairytales. In fact, he believes his mother is the missing daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, and that she was sent away to an alternate world to protect her from the Evil Queen. As Emma begins to investigate Storybrook, she discovers that the world of fairytales and modern day are about to collide. Lost’s Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis created the series, which also stars Stargate Universe’s Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin.

As for the other genre pickup, The River, it’s not often you get something a major network is willing to bill as a horror story. In the series, when a TV explorer (Star Trek’s Bruce Greenwood) goes missing in the Amazon with his crew, his wife and son set off down the enormous river in a vessel called The Magus to find out what happened to him. However, in their search for answers they discover a place where powerful magic is as real as science. 24’s Leslie Hope and The Dresden Files’ Paul Blackthorne also star in this series from the creators of Paranormal Activity, DreamWorks and Michael Green (Kings).

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New Star Trek: Animated Series Being Planned?

Are we about to see a new Star Trek Animated?Are you feeling bereft because Star Trek 2 is taking too long to come the big screen? Are you sorely missing seeing some Vulcans, Andorians and Orions on your TV screens? The good news is: we may get some new Trek again on TV. The bad news is: it may not be the way you might expect or even care about.

Cinema Blend is reporting that a new Star Trek animated series may be in the works, based on a Twitter exchange between Trek Movie and Star Trek writer Roberto Orci.

Uh-oh! Those controversial robots from Transformers 2 will be back

Look who's back in Transformers 3We thought we were done with these two! Skids and Mudflap, everyone’s not-so-favorite offensive robots, will apparently be back for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Michael Bay lied to us!

He said we’d never have to see their mechanical faces again, but that wasn’t the whole truth. The Twins have gotten a makeover, and they’ll be more annoying than ever.

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Skids and Mudflap took the form of the Chevy Trax and the Chevy Beat, but neither of those vehicles will appear in the sequel. Instead, they’ve been replaced with two Chevy Sparks, which are “conveniently” painted orange and green.

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7 ways the Smallville TV series changed the comic book canon

Smallville goes bye byeWell into the run of TV’s Smallville, rumor had it that a surprisingly large percentage of its audience had absolutely no idea that the character played by Tom Welling, a boy named Clark Kent who was actually an alien named Kal-El from the Planet Krypton, was supposed to be the young Superman.

One would think that these viewers had never seen a comic book before. Or it could be that they had and were confused by the many ways in which this incarnation of the Man Of Steel differed from his four-color incarnation.

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