Earth Station One Episode 44 – Time Traveling Dinosaurs, Who Would of Thunk it?

Earth Station One Episode 44 -  Time Traveling Dinosaurs, Who Would of Thunk it?

This weeks show we will be taking a look at what happens when Dinosaurs roam the streets of modern day England in the TV show Primeval. Then later we will be having Marc Ballard on to get an early preview of all the upcoming Comic City Conventions.

Join us for another fun filled podcast that we like to call Episode 44 – Time Traveling Dinosaurs, Who Would of Thunk it?

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:03:31 Rants & Raves – Comic Shop Visits & Support / Colin Firth – Doctor Who /The Comic Code /The Walking Dead Video Game
0:20:38 The Geek Seat w/ Chris Cummings
0:29:18 Primeval
1:03:55 Marc Ballard of Comic City Conventions
1:27:24 Show Close

Show Links
Comic City Conventions
The Art of Mike Trim
Sleighed – The vintage magic blog

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Inventors risk robot uprising by creating real-life Terminator hand

Should we worry?? not yet

German researchers have built an anthropomorphic robot hand that can endure collisions with hard objects and even strikes from a hammer without breaking into pieces.

In designing the new hand system, researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, part of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), focused on robustness. They may have just built the toughest robot hand yet.

The DLR hand has the shape and size of a human hand, with five articulated fingers powered by a web of 38 tendons, each connected to an individual motor on the forearm.

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Shane Davis Returns To SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE in VOLUME 2

Superman Earth One is coming back

Working with writer J. Michael Straczynski, artist Shane Davis introduced readers to a whole new take on Superman last year with the hugely successful graphic novel, Superman: Earth One.

Although the project was originally announced as a series of books, the future of the format hinged on that first volume. But the release of the graphic novel was such a success that Co-Publisher Dan DiDio told Newsarama the bookstore market is something the publisher is exploring for other DC characters.

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Peter Jackson hospitalized: The Hobbit filming delayed

I have a hole in my stomac

We’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for the gossip, set photos and spoilers that will inevitably come out of The Hobbit, because Peter Jackson has been hospitalized, delaying the production.

Jackson is suffering from a perforated ulcer and has undergone surgery to repair it. According to a statement from his production, as reported by Deadline magazine, his recovery shouldn’t delay the film for long: “Sir Peter’s surgery is not expected to impact on his directing commitment to The Hobbit beyond a slight delay to the start of filming.” It just seems for some reason this project is totally cursed. Thoughts?

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