Second Genesis on Earth? It’s Life Jim but Not As We Know It!

It's Life Jim but not as we know it

NASA’s secret is finally out: Researchers say they’ve forced microbes from a gnarly California lake to become arsenic-gobbling aliens. It may not be as thrilling as discovering life on Titan, but the claim is so radical that some chemists aren’t yet ready to believe it.

If the claim holds up, it would lend weight to the idea that life as we know it isn’t the only way life could develop. Organisms with truly alien biochemistry could conceivably arise on a faraway exoplanet, or on the Saturnian moon Titan, or even here on Earth.

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Superman #14 Cover Art Bidding Reaches Record $402k, But Does Not Meet Reserve

Worth more then $450,000 yeah I think so!!

The $402,111 bid in tonight’s highly-publicized auction of the original cover of Superman #14 would have been a new record for American comic book art — had the piece sold.

The iconic cover by artist Fred Ray is the most important early Superman cover known to still exist, and was saved from the trash by legendary Batman artist Jerry Robinson in 1942. Original comic art was routinely thrown away at the time. Another famous piece from his collection — the cover of Detective Comics #69 by Robinson himself — also failed to meet the auction reserve after reaching $213,000.

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