Why are owls disappearing across India? It’s Harry Potter’s fault

Harry Potter is stealing your owl?

What’s causing the wild owl population to dwindle across India? You might think it must be due to a new strain of avian disease or the weather, but no. The real reason … is a series of books. (Or should that be movies?) Because according to India’s environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, the blame lies with Harry Potter.

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BRUCE WAYNE Confesses to Buying BATMAN’s Wonderful Toys

Bruce Wayne Admits To Some Batman News, or Dose He?!?!

Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, is going public about his role behind the Dark Knight.

After a lifetime spent wearing the cowl – and a scowl that’s made him the scourge of Gotham’s madmen – the fictional billionaire is taking full responsibility for keeping the caped crusader financed to fight crime.

The admission is unveiled Wednesday in the final pages of “Batman and Robin” No. 16 that marks the last issue in a run by Scottish writer Grant Morrison.

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